Rochdale Underwater Hockey Club

Mix and Match Tournament 21st July 2014

Seven senior team members joined players from York Uni (2), Leeds (1) Batley (10), Liverpool Uni (5), Xarifa (10), Stoke (2), Lancaster (1), Bangor Uni (1) and Trafford (8) in this tournament on Monday night.

Mick Hyde and Garry Alexander played for the Krazy Krackens for took first place.

Helen Hyde and Debbie Alexander played for the Hardy Hydrofoils and came second.

Jonny Bostock captained the Mighty Mantas who took third.

Dane Bradwell played for the Lively Lithiums who were fourth.

The real positives were that everyone was well Organised and the timings and reffing went very smoothly. The teams were on paper much better balanced but in reality things could still be improved.

Next tournament a time deadline will be strictly enforced - team sizes increased from 10 players to 12 in each team.

With the benefit of hindsight if we have number over 40 in future we will run 5 smaller teams with shorter games. The team not playing will provide the 2 water refs per pool and possibly sort out the chief reffing subject to need.

Final scores

Krazy Krackens 5 - 0 Lively Lithiums

Hardy Hydrofoils 2 - 5 Krazy Krackens

Krazy Krackens 7 - 0 Mighty Mantas

Hardy Hyrofoils 5 - 2 Mighty Mantas

Lively Lithiums 0 - 5 Mighty Mantas

Hardy Hydrofoils 7 - 2 Lively Lithiums

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