Rochdale Vintage & Collectors Car Club

Classics for everyone

Admiring Classic cars is something that most of us do, whether its an approving glance as one passes by, or when one is  seen on display at a show.  Many people go that bit further and buy that piece of motoring nostalgia that gives them a warm glow.  It could have been the car dreamed of years ago and now affordable or a family car from your youth or just something you've seen that you've thought needs the loving care you can give it.   All those reasons and more will surely apply to the members of  Rochdale Vintage & Collectors Car Club.

We have a wealth of experience between us of many marques of car and you don't have to own one to join us at our friendly meeting at the 'Pack Horse'.  A good chat and some light banter, discussions on motoring issues are all to be had.  Organised events such as our annual show and drive it days, club meetings and treasure hunts.

We hope you will join us and help keep our motoring heritage for all to enjoy

Contact Information

Rochdale Vintage and Collectors Car Club

The Pack Horse
Elbut Lane
Old Birtle

Mobile: 07802 321 866

Meeting times

Welcome to Rochdale Vintage & Collectors Car Club.  We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at the Pack Horse in Old Birtle at 8.00pm.

We hope to promote our love for classic vehicles from all eras of motering, and we can draw many years of experience in caring for a whole range of classics.


If you have an interest then please come along to a meeting or contact us.