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We are trying to share with those interested in Rochdale & Middleton life what our club does for the local community and further afield, and hope you enjoy reading the pages of this mini web site. If what you see has whetted your appetite, and you feel you could offer your services whilst enjoying good fun & fellowship with the Rotarians of this club come along to meet us.  All we ask is for you to notify us in advance of a meeting through the 'e' mail link on this page, notification by Monday 9.00am, please.

The Rotary Club of Middleton is an organisation of local business and professional people united in the idea of friendship, fellowship and service to those in need wherever they are. 9 members from Rochdale Eighty Six (a Rotary club which has unfortunately had to close) transferred in, helping to make this a vibrant and very enthusiatic Rotary club, working towards the ideals of Rotary. 

We usually meet every Monday evening to enjoy fellowship over a meal, organise charity & service events and plan where best we can help in the local community.

The following gives a guide as to what this club stands for.

The club is led by the 'club council' made up of - President; Vice President; ImmediatePast President; Treasurer; Secretary; Chairman of Club Admin; Chairman of Service Projects, Chairman of Rotary Foundation and two rotary club members voted on by the whole club.  Council meet once a month to discuss club business and its running.

The club sets a programme of activities (projects) at the beginning of each Rotary year, July, which are project led.  

Join us, we meet on Monday nights, contact Stuart Sawle for more information:  

You would be made very welcome.

View Our Club Website:  for even more detail on club activities.

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Rotary Club of Middleton

Mobile: 07887 588836

Meeting times

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are meeting via Zoom on Monday nights.