Rotary Club of Middleton

What we did 2014 - 2015

Community Service Committee: Rtn Lee Wolf

Our target: £5,500

Our actual: £5,275 (Street & Static)
£1,570 Reclaimed Gift Aid
£500 Sponsorship
£116 Network Rail Fundraiser
Grand Total £7,461

‘Dragon’s Den’ Grants were awarded to:

Citizen of the Year

Our plan was to encourage more nominees, we received a total of six of which five accepted and attended.  We had received seven nominations in the previous year.

We successfully introduced Nomination Forms for Citizen of the Year.

Kwirky Kwiz

The Kwirky Kwiz has been postponed twice due to low take-up, which is very frustrating given the amount of work that has gone into it.  It will be replanned in co-operation with other clubs for 2015-16.

Club Membership: Rtn Janice Powell

International Service, World Service Projects: Rtn Elizabeth Birkett

YVPC: Rtn Sue Furby

Foundation: Rtn John Brooker

  1. ​the weekly raffle
  2. donation instead of Christmas Cards
  3. annual voluntary contribution of £10.00
  4. sustaining members
  5. 50% of the funds raised at the Whisky night  

The Mayor's Poor Children's Aid (Middleton) Fund: Rtn Keith Trinnaman

  1. Respite for abused child
  2. Travel and attendance funding for 5 children (MTC)
  3. Homestart, Rochdale
  4. Epileptic seizure monitor
  5. House fire victims
  6. Bed for epileptic child

Club Service: Rtn Janice Sawle

The Final Word: President Rtn Keith Trinnaman

Our Club:

Contact Information

Rotary Club of Middleton

Mobile: 07887 588836

Meeting times

We are meeting via Zoom on Monday nights, to join us contact Stuart or Janice Sawle for more information: or

You would be made very welcome.