Rotary Club of Middleton

What we did 2016 - 2017

President Ged Heatherington said: “Last year we supported the Iron Man competition in Bolton again, we supported the Child Contact Centre in Middleton and planted Crocus bulbs in Jubilee park to raise awareness of the Polio campaign.

“We also held a Cake Bake & Coffee Morning for our Foundation charity and End Polio Now."

Other projects the club was involved with included:

Christmas Float 

John Brooker lead The Christmas Float project last Christmas, which raised over raised £5,000, which the club gave out to support various local groups and organisations.

Stop Hunger Now

Janice Sawle organised for club members to ‘Stop Hunger Now’ where members took part in a Meal Packaging Event.

International Rotary Projects

Elizabeth Birkett lead and supported Rotary projects: Shoe Boxes, Whisky Tasting, Kenyan Rainwater Rock Catchment, Kenyan Water Irrigation Project, Mikoroshoni Primary School, Glasses for Vision Aid, Stamps for Churches and other organisations.

Shoe Boxes - This year was particularly successful as we collected just over 1300 filled shoe boxes from local primary schools, other groups and individuals.  The boxes are filled with toys and other needy items for children in Eastern Europe.  Initially, there was a potential problem in finding a secure storage facility for the filled boxes but in the event a private garage was kindly offered by a neighbour of Norman Wellens and a thank-you gift was given.  The flat-pack boxes were stored at Sysop in Heywood by Stuart and Janice Sawle.  The charge for each box remained the same at £1 and at the end of December2016 the boxes were transported by van to Preston by Peter and Elizabeth, the cost of the van hire, including fuel, being £107.50, a larger van being required due to the number of boxes we had to transport.

Whisky Tasting Evening 2016 –  Another successful evening, managed by Peter, was held at the Old Boar’s Head on Friday 25th November 2016.  After expenses the sum realised for Mikoroshoni Primary School in Kenya and Rotary Foundation was £950.

Water Irrigation – St. Peter’s Kajuki and Tharaka Water and Food Economic Self Help Group - managed by Peter.  The Rotary Club of Meru has used part of the funding for the water engineer to train local labourers and seven water pans were sealed before the rains started.  All 600 members planted crops in their zia pits but the rain only lasted for four days which meant the whole of the crops died.  East Kenya has severe food shortages with any food available being very expensive.

£300 was donated by Middleton Rotary Club in April 2017 to the Disaster Emergency Committee due to the particularly distressing drought situation for people in Kenya at the present time.

Mikoroshoni Primary School -  We have continued to support the school in Shanzu Village, Mombasa, Kenya and the Whisky Tasting proceeds from 25th November 2016 provided £950, after costs, divided between the school and Rotary Foundation.  John Brooker visits the school on a regular basis and he reported that due to the lower exchange rate now operating, the costs of running the school have increased.  The school continues, however, to function well.

Glasses for Vision Aid -  Jean has continued to collect glasses for Vision Aid and they are given to Specsavers for distribution.

Race Night

Sue Furby & Lee Wolf held a Race Night, they had very positive feedback from attendees, and raised £1000 for local causes.

Community Projects

Janice Powell lead, supported and organised a number of projects: Memory Café, Support for Sheltered Accommodation Residents, Middfest, Mayday, Charter Night, Christmas Party

Keith Trinnaman coordinated the Rota Kids in local schools and the Life Education trailer:

Rota Kids – Crocus competition, Silk Crocus, Collecting for RMCH, Support for Presidents Cause

Life Education – 5 Schools in Middleton visited, Club Funded towing costs £270


Keith Trinnaman reported on the fundraised by the club:

Foundation, including Polio Plus = £1288.33 (£475 from Whisky)

District 1285 grant = £1000

Mid Fest = £189

Whisky Evening = £951 (Foundation & MPS)

Christmas Collections - (includes static collection) = £4377.25

Race Night = £995.61

May Day = £102.42

Gift Aid = £1689.54

Random Donations = £ 550

(Shoe Boxes) = £246.9

Bank Interest = £1.24                          

TOTAL = £10916.29 (NET)

Contact Information

Rotary Club of Middleton

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Meeting times

We are meeting via Zoom on Monday nights, to join us contact Stuart or Janice Sawle for more information: or

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