Rotary Club of Middleton

What we plan to do 2015 - 2016

What we plan to do 2015 - 2016

Each Rotary year Middleton compile a programme of projects, fundraisers and fellowship events that the club wishes to complete for the forthcoming year. All are designed to ultimately feed into helping those more needy than ourselves.

Middleton Rotary Club President’s Charities for 2015-16:

Community Service



World Service Projects

Youth & Vocational Projects

Foundation, Membership & Publicity

Budget / Target Fundraising

Membership & Marketing

Four areas where we can take positive action to attract members:

  1. Corporate membership – explaining how Rotary can help fulfil an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility obligations.
  2. Rotary Volunteers (Friends of Rotary) engaging with potential members without the commitment of full membership.
  3. Extension of the Middleton e-satellite group.
  4. Targeted Recruitment Events

Delivering the Message

Membership & Marketing Budget £600

Club Service


Contact Information

Rotary Club of Middleton

Mobile: 07887 588836

Meeting times

We are meeting via Zoom on Monday nights, to join us contact Stuart or Janice Sawle for more information: or

You would be made very welcome.