Rotary Club of Middleton

What we've done 2012-2013

Total fundraising, that was reported at the AGM was £20,268. By far exceeding the target we set of £10,200.

Each Rotary year Middleton compile a programme of projects, fundraisers and fellowship events that the club wishes to complete for the forthcoming year.  All are designed to ultimately feed into helping those more needy than ourselves. 

Presidential Emphases

“The whole club to worked together, every Rotarian was be involved.” 


1. Developed & strengthen the links with Community Groups
2. Continued the Dragon’s Den process of applications and presentations
3. Organised the Christmas Float street collections and collections at Sainsbury’s
4. Further developed ‘Rotary Service’ within the Club. 


Christmas Float street collections - Target £4,000 - Achieved £4,511.19

Christmas Float at Sainsbury’s - Target £1,400 – Achieved £1,079.60

International Service Projects:

1. Rotary Shoe boxes have not been taken up by a number of Primary schools in the last year, we have over 800 boxes in stock.
2. Sainsbury's collection last September raised £309.75 for the rain water rock catchment project.
3. Support Mikoroshoni Primary School received £526 half the profit of our whisky tasting evening.
4. Rotary Foundation received the other half of the Whisky tasting evening £526.
5. We collected Stamps for Springhill hospice and Glasses for Vision Aid.
6. Race night last year raised £1203 for Rain water rock catchment Project.
7. The Kajuki Irrigation project is in the planning stage for Global Grant

Rotary Foundation:

1. To achieve a target of Foundation Giving of £50 per member
Proposed target for the year - £1450.00
A total of £1510 has been to RFUK (£1090 from the Trust Account and £420 directly from Sustaining Members.

2. To increase the number of Sustaining Club Members from 5 to 6
1 Club member has signed up during this Rotary Year to become a Sustaining Member to take the total number of Sustaining Members to 6.

3. To arrange a date for the ‘sale’ of Rotary Crocuses at Sainsbury’s
Proposed target for the year - £500
At the time of writing this report the payment from Alkrington Primary School was still outstanding but the final payment to the Polio Campaign is estimated to be £350.

4. To raise money for the Rotary Foundation through – the weekly raffle, donation instead of Christmas Cards, annual voluntary contribution of £10.00 other fund raising activities as required
Funds were raised for the Rotary Foundation through all the ways listed above.
5. To prepare the Club ready for registering for the New Vision Programme
The Club is fully registered with RI for the New Vision Programme

6. To assist in the preparation for the 2 applications of 2 Global Grants for 1st July 2013 Assistance has been given to Peter regarding calculating the maximum amount of grant funding available for the Global Grant he is preparing
The Global Grant application for the RainCatchment Project will be submitted by July 1st 2013.

Youth & Vocation Projects:

What We Have Achieved:

1. Initiating (Sam Wellens) set up of Interact Club
2. Students from St. Anne’s attended the Excitement of Science lecture (addressing the Club – 1st July)
3. Rotakids in Alkrington Primary School
4. Dictionary4Life for prim / sec schools as rewards
5. 2 students to RYLA course (August 2012)
6. Created and distributed a booklet of projects for local schools
7. Organised a Young Citizen Awards’ Evening – 27th June 2013
8. Forged strong links with 2 schools – Alkrington Primary & St. Anne’s Academy
9. Brian Brown from Talking Newspapers came to speak to the club and some members have helped this project
10. Several prominent business speakers have visited the Club to speak about their work
11. A vocational Certificate was awarded to Andrea Kelly of Sainsbury’s

1. The Grand Beetle Drive – September 2012
2. Kwirky Kwiz – February 2013
3. Fundraising Grids
4. We have raised a total of £ 984 (2012-13) 

Club Service:

1. Support the President & help maintain the smooth running of the club
2. Arrange social and Fellowship events
3. Arrange major club events.
4. Participate in District/Local functions e.g. Quiz
5. Arrange for attendance at District Conference 2013
6. Provide Information via Bulletin and Calendar
7. Ensure the Clubs projects meet all H&S requirements
8. Maintain Club Asset Register 

Membership, PR & Communications:


1. Inducted 4 New Members: Martin & Gill Murphy, Lee Wolf, Emma Buckley 
2. Average age of membership reduced - Five members aged 50 and below 

Communications & Marketing

1. Significantly increased reporting of Club activities in - Middleton Guardian & Rochdale Online
2. Rotary Online
3. Club Website
Greater awareness of Rotary in Middleton Community


1. Requested to review how subs are collected.
2. Sub payments to District & RIBI, slight increase.
3. No major increase to predicted spend, (but must allow for Ged's year!)
4. Will allow for payments in 2 stages, IF required.
5. Proposing to decrease subs to £95 

Treasurer – Club Targets

1. Membership increased to 29 :(
2. Comm visibility at least 1 per month :)
3. Media coverage at least 1 per month :)
4. Project completion 88% (37) :)
5. Fundraising target £20268 achieved :)

Contact Information

Rotary Club of Middleton

Mobile: 07887 588836

Meeting times

We are meeting via Zoom on Monday nights, to join us contact Stuart or Janice Sawle for more information: or

You would be made very welcome.