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The rescue project is being sponsored by MoorEnd Development Trust and led by a “Project Champion” – Nick Andrews.  Nick, in turn, is leading an enthusiastic and growing group of willing volunteers (our Hare Hill Heroes) who are already working hard to get the project underway and bring parts of the House back into use. Our vision for the House is exciting and the project is both challenging and wide reaching. Put simply, we want to breathe new life into Hare Hill House and give it a new role as a Creative Community Hub available to all the residents of Littleborough.  

Sadly, since Rochdale Council moved out, this once proud building has fallen into a very poor state of repair. It will need a lot of work and commitment from all involved to repair and renovate this splendid building. But we are committed to bringing it back to life and providing it with a secure and sustainable future, truly fit for its next, and most innovative, incarnation. 

We will ensure that this iconic and unique local heritage asset becomes a thriving community resource that, amongst other things, provides:   A much needed community arts centre with space for concerts, theatrical events, creative workshops and exhibitions; A community café; A place for meetings and small group events; A possible wedding venue; A permanent record and celebration of both the Newall family and the residence they created; A resource for both the local and wider communities to get to know the history of the house through all its incarnations; a focal point for the celebration of the wider local heritage including the revival of rich our local folk traditions; and, not least. A range of affordable, spaces and office facilities to give small, home-based businesses the opportunity to stretch their wings and move into a friendly and well-resourced creative enterprise hub. Achieving all of this will not be easy and will not just take time and effort, it will need funding. Lots of funding! So we are currently in the process of putting together a bid for financial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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