Tanzania (UK) Trust


Our shared friendship with Christians in Dodama, Tanzania began in 1990 and in 2010 we started this charity. We now consider ourselves family. So you are very welcome to join our Tanzanian-English “family”.

Our major project is with Samson Mkuyu’s Tanzanian Assemblies of God Church in Dodoma, and the church plants that they have started. This includes well drilling for water to support the church and community. In Mwanza the church plant also includes work with orphans.

We have small individual projects: at present two students are going through college and university with funding from our Trust. Recently a nurse and a banker have also been supported  through education and are npw employed and happy!

Famine relief seems to be an on-going need, as the rains continue to be so poor, year on year, in Tanzania. Whenever we visit Tanzania, or our Tanzanian family are supported to visit us, we also give practical gifts as needed - mobile phones (with chargers!), spectacles, a church computer and printer etc.

As a family we are committed to each other. So if you would like to join with us in support, prayer, finance or practical gifts, then feel free. God's rewards are unique!

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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Tanzania (UK) Trust