The Brereton Memorial Fund

Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund was officially launched in October 2001 at Rochdale Town Hall when a celebration recital was given by Dr Francis Jackson, Johannes Geffert,  Keith Hearnshaw and Gordon Stewart.  This event raised over four thousand pounds for the fund; thanks to many generous donations the fund now totals over twenty-six thousand pounds.

 The Rochdale, Oldham and Tameside Organists' Association have installed a permanent memorial to Philip and Gwen Brereton in their home town of Rochdale, Greater Manchester.  The original organ stool of the Rochdale Town Hall Binns organ has been refurbished so that it is now height-adjustable; a small brass plaque on the side of the organ stool commemorates the lives and work of Philip and Gwen.

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The Brereton Memorial Fund

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