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Vintage Worx Community Development Trust (CDT) is a community led not for profit organisation dedicated to removing barriers to opportunities and committed to helping people maximise their talents and realise their full potential.

Based within Falinge Park, the team of passionate volunteers who run Vintage Worx have an 15 year track record of successful engagement with the local community, a record that has only been possible through the sheer volume of community involvement in the projects, activities and events that are delivered.

There is a fantastic community spirit within the local neighbourhood and a fascinating history of the beautiful park we are fortunate to be located in.

The site is full of information on the services and activities we offer, news from the neighbourhood and all the information you need should you wish to attend our community events, volunteer your time or donate money or resources to the project.

Vintage always values the input from our community, the general public and anyone who feels they can contribute ideas or suggestions to help the project. We are especially focussed on community consultations and creative ways to develop plans for the park and neighbourhood. If you would like to add your suggestions please contact us

A host of new programmes are being offered in Falinge Park this winter.

The community run Creativity Hub will still be offering their wide range of craft classes, art groups, upcycling workshops and green volunteering but joining this array will be Cookery Sessions, Creative Writing and Poetry groups and Beginners Bridge  

A new range of support sessions are also being delivered.

The Cookery sessions will meet weekly on Monday’s 2 – 4pm and are themed on how to prevent food waste, how to lower food bills and how to still eat healthily and will cover both sweet and savoury dishes.

The Creative Writing Group, facilitated by Eileen Earnshaw, will meet weekly on Thursday mornings from 10am and will cater for writers of all genres and abilities.

The Poetry sessions will run alongside the Creative Writing group, facilitated by Seamus Kelly, these sessions will also cater for all genres and abilities.

Beginners Bridge fits in with our quest to revive vintage activities and we will open our Beginners Bridge Club on Wed mornings

Refreshments are provided at all our sessions; these are provided free of charge although donations toward these are always welcome.

Vintage has also partnered with Suzan Wilson from Dream Ark, a Health and Wellbeing Support Organisation to deliver an innovative range of support services

These include the new Hot Chocolate Hub that runs every Friday from 10am – 12pm to support ladies who are going through or need information on the Menopause or Perimenopause.

Suzan says “Recent meetings with both Cllr Rachel Massey and Joanne Faulkner from Home Instead Rochdale showed there was very little support for this boroughwide and no support in Spotland and Falinge at all, further talks with resident groups confirmed this and I knew I had to set up a support group.

I’ve worked closely with Vintage Worx for quite a while now and I thought the park was a superb location to set this up.

I approached Tracie who offered the room for free and suggested we provide a hot drink and biscuits to everyone who comes. The hot drink became Hot Chocolate and hey presto the Hot Chocolate Hub was born. I mean let’s face it, what better is there for ladies to support each other than over a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate and some tasty biscuits.”

Dream Arks involvement in Falinge Park doesn't stop there.

Suzan will also be starting innovative support sessions to help people suffering with mental health problems by creating a fusion of arts and crafts, healthy exercise and support animal therapy.

The ‘Park Pet Stop’ will also be delivered at Falinge Park and is aimed at people who are struggling with social anxiety, confidence, and mental health issues. Suzan says “Now more than ever we need to help people improve their health and wellbeing, so I have designed these relaxing sessions to help people find common interests, educate people on pet care and show the mood boosting/therapeutic effects of spending time with animals. 


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Winners of the Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2020


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