The Friends of Tourcoing


We are a friendly family orientated social group based in Rochdale, Lancashire, England.  Rochdale is 'twinned' with Tourcoing a similar town in Northern France.

Our group visits Tourcoing every two years to stay with a French family and sample French life. In the intervening years French families visit us, there is no obligation to 'host' a French family. 

Our 5 day trip usually costs approximately £80-90 which includes all excursions, accommodation and most food whilst in France. There are ample opportunities to shop for all kinds of things whilst in France, and then of course there are the bars and restaurants.

This is NOT a culture vulture group, although we do visit places of interest, we are just ordinary people visiting similar people in France and having a good time. 

Please view the website for times and location, any comments  good or bad would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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The Friends of Tourcoing