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Beginners Computer Courses

Starting to use a computer, a tablet or even a smart phone can be a scary things for some, we understand this and have many years of experience of helping people to get started are learn what to do. Why not give us a try?

What's involved?
Learn My Way is a great way for you to get started online and gain the skills and confidence that you need to start using a computer and the internet.

Whether you want to use computers and the internet to stay in touch with family and friends, find out more about your hobbies or save money by shopping or paying bills online, Learn My Way can help you to get the skills you need to get online.

Learn My Way is an easy-to-access online course which has been designed for online beginners just like you. No experience required.

Register for Learn My Way​ today and make the internet work for you!

I used to be scared stiff of computers but the tutor at the centre got me started with Learn My Way and showed me just how easy it is. I was doing my shopping online in no time at all and now I pay my gas and electricity bills online too!"

There is nothing to be afraid of - with the right support, anyone can learn about computers and the internet with Learn My Way.

Give us a call and ask a member of staff to help you get started today!

What can I learn?
Learn My Way includes many easy to follow modules:

1. Starting with a keyboard

Your computer keyboard is an important bit of kit that allows you to enter symbols like letters and numbers into a computer. with over 105 keys, it's not surprising that keyboards look a bit complicated, but don't worry this module uses simple step-by-step instructions to help you build your confidence at a pace that suits you.

2. Starting with a mouse
Using a mouse may seem a little scary but we will help you to build confidence so you can go onto discover the benefits of using computers and the internet.

The mouse is used to tell the computer what to do, by moving the cursor and chossing things on the screen.

This module will show you how to move, or as is usually known 'navigate' around the screen, how to scroll up and down and how to use the mouse buttons to select and move text and objects.

3. Using email
You can use email to stay in touch with family and friends or to communicate with businesses otr services you use like your local council or your gas and electricity company.

Email is free and easy to use, and your message gets sent at the click of a button so you don't need any paper, envelopes or stamps!

This module will show you how to send and receive emails, reply to and forward emails, set up an email address book and attach a file or photograph to an email so you can send it to someone you know.

4. Using the internet safely
Being online isd amazing because ther is so much you can do and find out about. If you're not careful though you can expose yourself to one or two risks that are best avoided!

This module will help you minimise the risks to you and your family by showing you how to avoid different computer viruses and spam.

It will also show you how to protect your own identity and know your rights regarding your own personal data, as well as protecting your children from the risks that are out there.

5. Using online searches
Whether you're looking for a new job or simply looking to save time and money by shopping or paying your bills online, this module will show you how to find all the information you need quickly and easily.

Online searches will show you how to use search tools to find sites and information, how to store website addresses on your computer so you can go back to them quickly and easily, and how to print and save information from websites.

You can do as many Learn My Way modules as you like in any order that you choose. Why not get started today, just drop in to see us.

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