The Make Music Yours Project



Our aim is to provide a free comprehensive musical education to children who would not usually be able to afford it. Though GCSE music is taught in schools, anyone with any hope of a career in music must complete grades, which cost up to £75 per grade. We provide occasional workshops in different areas of Rochdale to help potential musicians achieve this.

"Completing a traditional musical education can be tricky in normal circumstances: it requires a combination of talent and commitment. However, doing this with limited funds is near enough impossible. Though bursaries can be given by the government to fund entry to music schools, getting through an audition having had no structured practical lessons and no theory or grades whatsoever is nearenough impossible, especially past the age of 14. I want to give kids who are in a similar circumstance to me the chance to make it big in the music world."

Our Vision:
To provide a free, comprehensive musical education to children in the United Kingdom.

Our Mission:
To provide free lessons weekly for every student and to raise enough money to give every child in the programme the opportunity to take their grade 5 in music at no cost to them. In order to do this, we need to raise around £120 per student.

Our Values:
Music should not be defined by income. All young people have a right to play whatever type of music they enjoy, no matter what their parents' financial circumstances are.

Contact Information

The Make Music Yours Project

Mobile: 07599 688 975

Meeting times

We provide occasional workshops in various areas of Rochdale, and you can contact us by telephone or by text message if you are interested.