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"I would personally like to thank you for visiting the Patients’ Council website. There has never been a more important time for people to become involved in the development of future health services.

We aim to ensure that localhealth care within thenorth east of Greater Manchester is designed taking into account the views and experiences of patients.

Don’t bury your head in the sand and do nothing but get involved and together let's make the future of our health service brighter.

I hope that as the website grows you will find it both beneficial and useful.
Many Thanks"

Paul Mainwaring (Chairman)

About Us

The Patients’ Council is an independent group of patients from the north east of Greater Manchester who came together to work in partnership with the Healthy Futures Programme The Patients' Council membership comes from Bury,Heywood, North Manchester, Middleton, Oldham and Rochdale and their surrounding areas.

All members have apersonal health condition(s) that has been ongoing for more thanseven years that results in their continueduse of local health services. The Patients' Council is committed to working with the PCTs and NHS Trust engaged by the Healthy Futures Programme and other local health service providers in developing a truly patient-led NHS for people living within the north east of Greater Manchester.

Our Aims

To work towards improving local health services in line the north east of Greater Manchester by:

  1. Being an independent patient led voice within the north east of Greater Manchester inreconfiguring and developing new health services.
  2. Ensuring the publicly approved option form the Healthy Futures consultation in 2006 is delivered.
  3. Build strong community partnerships ensuring patients views are central to the development of new and old services.
  4. Ensure local health services for local people are accessible and available at the right time and place.
  5. Working to develop an improved health related transport system.

Contact Information

The Patients Council

Tel: 0161 766 9323