The Well Community Church


Contact Information

The Well Community Church

Rochdale Liberal Democrats Offices
144 Drake Street
OL16 1PS

Tel: 01706 522443

Opening times

Jesus called his followers 'friends'. What do friends do? They enjoy getting together, sharing life's ups and downs together, and having fun together.

So that's what we do too, because Jesus is our friend!

We can be found on a Sunday morning (just because that's the most useful time for our family group)

at 144 Drake Street (in the Lib Dem HQ - go upstairs from the side door - you will get a  cuppa and a warm welcome!)

at 10.30am

We meet at other times and other places but you need to call us on 01706 522443 to find out more!

When we meet we worship, meet with God, have some fun, chat to each other, pray for each other, then go home.


Where we are

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