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MInisters Message - Sept 2015

Dear Friends,

As I’m writing down these thoughts, the third day of the World Athletics Championships is coming to    an end and so far such winners as Mo Farrer, Jessica Ennis-Hill, and Usain Bolt have enthralled and inspired those of us who have an interest in the sport. And in fact there’s plenty to keep us interested, whatever our sporting preference is, at the moment … the football season is underway again, Britain were so successful in the recent World Swimming Championships, England have just won the Ashes, Andy Murray has moved up to number two in the tennis world rankings, Lewis Hamilton is leading in the F1 Championship, and the Rugby World Cup is just round the corner.

Yes there’s so much going on for the sports fan currently, and it is good to be able to follow the achievements of so many different highly talented athletes … even though, usually, we’re only doing it from our armchairs.

In our fortnightly Bible Studies at the manse over the last few months, as we’ve worked through the book of Genesis, we’ve been looking at the lives of some other notable great achievers; not in this case achievers in the sporting arena, although Jacob was a fair wrestler, but rather great achievers in the “walking with God” arena. We’ve looked at Abraham, at Isaac, at Jacob and we’ll soon be thinking of the life of Joseph; and we’ve discussed them and thought about how God worked in their different situations. And I’ll tell you what these characters spoken of in God’s Word have over our sporting heroes … we can learn practically from them, we can seek to emulate them; so that whilst seeing Usain Bolt again winning the hundred meters isn’t going to make me run any faster than I could yesterday (apart from in my dreams) I can think of the faith of Abraham or the determination of Jacob as they sought to live their lives in an atmosphere of God’s presence, and my own faith, my own determination can be developed through the working of the Holy Spirit.

Sadly, unless you’re a young person reading this, we’re too old in years now to ever become championship athletes. But you know we’re never too old to be spiritual athletes. And doesn’t the Apostle Paul set us an example when he talks of his own walk with the risen Lord Jesus when he says: “I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus”?

No, we’re never going to be competing for medals alongside Farrer, Ennis-Hill or Bolt, or playing for Rochdale AFC even, but if we know the Lord Jesus Christ to be our saviour then we have a far better reward awaiting us. So let’s work at it, let’s learn from the many examples that are there for us in God’s Word of people who have achieved in the past, and let’s enjoy walking that path which our loving heavenly Father places before us.

With every blessing,




Minister: Rev J Martin Whitehead

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