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Hopwood Hall

Hopwood Hall lies at the centre of the reserve and is reached via the college road or by a small track that runs at the side of Trub Brook. There is some evidence that there was a dwelling on this site in Saxon times when the Hopwood and de Middleton families moved north. Both families have gone down in history for being involved in; The Rebellion of Prince John, 1193. Revolt against Edward II , 1321. Battle of Bosworth, 1485. Battle of Flodden, 1513. In the 19th century, Lady Fanny Hopwood was a pioneer of Smoke Abatement.

In the 15th and 16th century the Tudor part of the building was added, as was the Mill pond made to power the corn mill, some of which still remains. In 1292 the Township of Hopwood was granted comprising; Hopwood, Birch, Stanneycliffe and Thornham.

In 1922 the Hall was put up for sale but there were no takers until the Lancashire Cotton Corporation took it over during the second world war. It was then sold to a trust and became part of De La Salle College, a Roman Catholic Teacher Training College. When the De La Salle Brothers left, RMBC took over responsibility becoming Hopwood Hall College. But the Hall was not included and has not been used for some time. It has fallen into disrepair and needs a grat deal of money spending on it, to restore it to its former glory. There is a problem of access for vehicles. Without permission from the College authorities to pass through their grounds, the only means of access is via Oaken Bank Lane. A narrow bridleway which passes through the woodland.

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