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Hedgehog Rescue Rochdale was started in late 1991 with the discovery of a very underweight youngster just outside our home. As with many people, our knowledge of hedgehogs was very limited so we sought the advice of the local RSPCA. They put us in touch with a marvelous lady in Heywood who, with her daughter, was successfully caring for hedgehogs under the most difficult circumstances. In the weeks that followed she gave us all the help we needed to care for our ‘patient’ who had now taken up residence in a kitchen cupboard. Somehow word got around that we were caring for hedgehogs and we suddenly found ourselves taking in more and more of sick, injured and orphaned ones…..which is how the hospital came into being.

Each successive year saw an increase over the previous one until by 1998 the average annual intake was well over a thousand and happily the release back to the wild passed the 75% mark. Whilst this was very rewarding it was not without a lot of heartache and sadness having seen so many horrific injuries caused by mans’ indifference and cruelty.

Over the years we have built up relationships with the Council’s Countryside Wardens, a number of professional organisations and several companies who have all been willing to help us. It was with a recommendation from the RSPCA and it’s Wildlife inspectorate that we applied for and achieved Charity status in June 1997. This allowed us to lawfully do many more things to improve our facilities and standard of care.

We are always in need of tinned cat or dog food..(no fish varieties please), and as we use an average of 25 tins per day throughout the year, donations are most welcomed.

We also give talks to schools, children's groups and adult organisations about hedgehogs and our work at the sanctuary

Our adoption & sponsorship schemes are very popular, particularly with the children…details on request.

24 Hour Helpline
Consultant Vet - Wendy Lane, Bury Road, Rochdale
Reg’d Charity No 1063457

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Hedgehog Rescue Rochdale

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