Middleton Musical Society

Welcome Home! HMS Middleton 31.08.2012

  At the invitation of the Royal Navy members of the Society, along with friends from St. Aidan's, Sudden, church choir and the Rochdale Retirement Choir, provided a quayside choral welcome home to the Captain and crew of our affiliated Hunt Class ship as they docked in Portsmouth harbour in the warm, bright sunlight of the morning of August 31st.

  Soloist Keith Lloyd led rousing choruses of Rule Brittania! as the ship came alongside, and Anne Butterworth exercised a calming influence with the solo part in O Peaceful England as the crew members and their families were reunited after a nine month separation.  Other items included Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem and I vow to thee, my country. At the special request of the Captain, Steve Higham (whose wife had given birth to their daughter some nine weeks ago) the choir sang Wherever you are (the Military Wives hit song from last year). Accompaniment at the keyboard was provided by Judith Mitchell. Joining in, too, were the young members of the Middleton Fanfare ensemble, who played an arrangement of the folk tune Portsmouth made specially for the occasion by the Musical Director of the Society, Graham Marshall.

  After the musical performance there was time to go on board the ship and explore before returning home with memories of a very happy occasion. For our contribution to the homecoming we were presented by the Captain with a decorated HMS Middleton lifebuoy, which will no doubt be a scenic feature of future concerts 

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Middleton Musical Society

St. Stephen's Church

Tel: 0161 620 6657

Mobile: 01204 398319

Meeting times

Middleton Musical Society was founded in 1772, since when its choir has performed on countless occasions to the delight of thousands of members of audiences drawn from the town itself and its neighbouring localities.

Rehearsal.  The choir meets to rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in St. Stephen's Church, High Street (off Cheapside), Middleton.  

New members are always welcome in all the sections. There are no auditions, but it is expected that all singers will be seeking to enhance the performance of the choir as a whole, as well as find satisfaction in their own development as musicians.

Repertory. From madrigals to musicals, cantatas to chamber operas - the range of music to be experienced by a MMS singer is quite extensive, and includes music written specially for them.

Further information can be obtained from the Musical Director or one of the committee members.

Musical Director:  Brian Morton tel. 01204 398319

Chairman:  Alan Mellor tel. 0161 620 6657

Secretary: Janet Albiston tel. 0161 654 8584

Treasurer: Elizabeth Wiener tel. 01706 641267