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Rochdale Rotary Club Classic Car Show 2018

Sunday, 15th of July.

This year the event went much better, with changes to the parking arrangements. The weather was initially overcast, but brightened up as the day went on, eventually to become very warm.

This year we also used the LEAF pmr radios, now re-programmed to be legal. They proved to be very useful for controlling the traffic by Rotary & Masonic stewards. However next year needs to be better organised, with some basic training for those not familiar with hand held radios.

Overall, the event was successful, raising over £13,000 for the presidents chosen charities. It is intended to run the event in 2019, on Sunday the 14th of July.

Littleborough Rushbearing Ceremony.

Saturday the 21st & Sunday the 22nd of July.

Having recovered (more or less) from the strenuous Sunday a week earlier, these two days presented no problems and were a pleasure to do. There were no issues as far as RAYNET was concerned.



Rochdale Rotary Club Classic Car Show

Sunday, 17th of July 2017.

The day started off wet and not very promising. We set up Control in the car park of the Littleborough Sports Club and were ready for action in good time. The morning and early afternoon went without much activitiy. However when people started to leave the venue, problems started. The access road is only a single carriageway with passing places. Since there were still some people arriving, the inevitable traffic chaos ensued. By now, the sun was out and it was getting very warm... To try and help matters, some members of Rotary and several RAYNET members ventured out up the road. One problem, that wasn't helping the situation, was people parking in the passing places!

Eventually, things calmed down. Most drivers understood and were patient, but a few were bad tempered, which didn't help things.

On the plus side, the event raised over £7,000 for local charities, and the organisation for the 2018 event has a different car parking area for visitors, which avoids the bad part of the access road, so things will be better for the next show.


Littleborough Rushbearing Ceremony

Saturday 16th/Sunday 17th of July 2016

This two day event was the 25th anniversary of the revived Rushbearing Ceremony. Our remit was to establish contact from the King William IV pub to Hare Hill Park and Littleborough Square on the Saturday, and from the Wine Press pub to Littleborough Square on the Sunday. G7EQK led the procession on Saturday and M0MSC on Sunday. Both events went well, with an interesting tangle with a 'blues & twos' ambulance on Sunday at the junction of Todmorden Rd and Chuch street.....

Exercise Triton II

Thursday, 14th of July 2016

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, it is required for Local Authorities & Emergency Services to plan for major incidents & Category 1 responders. Exercise Triton II was the largest live exercise of its kind ever held in Greater Manchester, with about 36 organisations being involved. The exercise was to simulate the effect of a reservoir dam breeching, and coping with the resultant inundation.

The event started on Monday the 11th and finally concluded on Friday the 15th. Our involvement was limited to Thursday afternoon. Despite having advance information, we treated it as a call-out. This worked well, with all parties responding as required. Following pre - planning, a Talk Through station was set up at Grains Bar, which allowed us to pass messages from Hollingworth Lake (the S&R location) to GMP HQ in Newton Heath. We were also prepared to send someone to Dove Stone Reservoir, should we be requested to do so. 

We successfully passed messages as required. A presence at Dove Stone and Macron Stadium were not required. However we did have a few issues alog the way! All were acceptably overcome, and we did what was required, but lessons were learnt.


Tour of Tameside, day 3.


This four day event was masterminded by M0NCZ, who was in charge on days one & two. G7OAI was in Control on day three, and this report refers to day three.

After some confusion as to where Control was to be set up, we assembled the RAYNET gazebo in a field next to the start/finish area. Table & chair was soon in place and radios connected. The weather stayed dry and not too cold (good for the competitiors!) We were set up and ready in good time, with other CPs calling in.

The day was uneventful, apart from some battery issues, which were quickly resolved.

Willow Wood Hospice Big Bike Ride


After much planning, predicting paths, out and about checking to see if theory & practice coincided, the event was upon us. The forecast for the day was, a week or so earlier, not good. But on the day it turned out dry, if a bit on the cool side. Good for the cyclists, however.

Willow Wood Hospice is a hospice based in Ashton-under-Lyne, and one we have been pleased to assist in the past. Whilst WWH have done their moonlight walk for years, this was a new venture for them. It allowed us to try out AllStar, with VHF/TT quickly available for back up, should things go wrong.

Andy, M0VEE and myself, G7OAI, arrived on site at 0730. We were soon invited to enter the stadium by the manager, and quickly took him up on his offer. We would be away from the main activity, but close enough to keep in contact with the organisers.

We soon had the mast up, the vehicle configured into RAYNET mode, and ready for M0NCZ to arrive with the AllStar micronode to allow us to work from anywhere on site with a HH radio.

The event started at 0900, with two lots of riders, totalling about 120, setting off about 15 minutes apart. There were three routes, a 30 mile, a 20 mile and a 13 mile. The early CPs called in in good time, as did all the others. (Nine in total).

The first riders were round faster than expected, doing the 30 miles in under 3 hours. Not bad going, considering the terrain!

We did have a few issues, but they were all quickly resolved, proving that AllStar is a useful tool to have available. We all learnt from the day. WWH were unaware of any issues from our perspective, and very complimentary on our professional approach. We know that there is  a bit to do to make things better for next year, and these issues will be addressed.

So far, the Hospice has raised around £8,500. This will no doubt increase as the sponsorship money rolls in. Not bad for 1/2 a days work!!


Littleborough Lions Boundary Walk

Until 2015, when the last Boundary Walk took place, NEM RAYNET, put on the radio cover to assist the Lions in ensuring the walkers safety. The walk covered about 20 miles in the hills to the north of Rochdale, starting from Littleborough Rugby Club, where RAYNET Control was established.

Four strategically placed Check points were sufficient. We used our prefered band, 4m, which avoided any problems with QRM, except for the Sweep, who had 2m  hand held radio for the last 5 miles.

Over the years we have experienced many different weathers, from snow to scorching sunshine, and torrential rain to dense fog. The poor visibility walks proved RAYNET's presence essential, as any walkers who went off the correct route were quickly identified and looked for. We have not lost anyone yet!

The pictures were taken at the 2014 event.

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