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A.G.M Minutes

A.G.M of the Pennines Tourism & Business Group Meeting Held on the 26th March 2013 at the Bellavista, Wild house Lane Milnrow at 17.00hrs

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3. Matters arising - None

John Kay explained to all present at the meeting how the got together there aims and why there was a need for the group, the rest of the group then introduced themselves.

John then informed the group what had been done over the first year; he also explained that we meet four times a year.

Nick Andrews told the group about the seminar that had taken place, why it took place and what came out of it.

Katie Moore then explained the roll of the Township office and her part in the proceedings since Helena had retired from the council, the group passed on the grateful thanks to Helena for her contribution to the group.

Elections then took place it was agreed that the committee stay the same as follows,

The only change to the committee is the addiction of a new post of publicity officer, with the agreement of the group Mr Phillip Barrie offered is help, it was agreed by all to accept his kind offer.

There then followed a discussion on a way forward for the group, further events with in the Pennines and the wider Borough.

John read out an email re a seminar to try and attract people who may have a spare room suitable for tourist to use as a bed and breakfast accommodation.

Nick gave an update on what was going on at Moorend Trust with Hare Hill House.

John closed the meeting by thanking all who came and explained that the group was open to all interested.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 4th June 2013 at the White House, Blackstone Edge, Littleborough.

Contact Information

Pennine Business and Tourism Forum

Hare Hill House
Hare Hill Park
OL15 9HF

Mobile: 07880 335 437

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Pennine Business and Tourism Forum is a Committee of MoorEnd Development Trust.

The Officers of the Forum are

Neil Butterworth (Chairman)
Nick Andrews (Secretary)

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