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What is Ring and Ride?
Ring and Ride provides door-to-door transport for people who find it very difficult or impossible to get to a bus stop or get on or off ordinary buses. Our buses have low entrance steps and lifts at the back to make it easy for people to get on and off. If you use a wheelchair, the driver will secure your wheelchair safely in the bus or, if you like, help you into a seat. Drivers are fully trained in customer care and disability awareness.

Ring and Ride is designed to provide short local journeys. Because the buses are small, they can reach most homes easily. Remember: Ring and Ride is for people who have difficulty getting about - if you can use ordinary buses please do.

Ring and Ride users pay a standard fare that is equivalent to ordinary bus fares. However, if you have a GMPTE permit (bus pass), or you are under 16, you pay a cheaper fare. If you have a GMPTE free pass you will not have to pay to travel on Ring and Ride. Children under five travel free. If you have GMPTE travel vouchers you will pay the standard fare, but you can use your travel vouchers to pay. Travel vouchers are for people who cannot walk more than 400 metres (440 yards) or climb steps of more than 30cm (12 inches) or who are registered blind. You will need to prove that you qualify for travel vouches. You can use travel vouchers to pay for taxis, or to travel on Ring and Ride and other easy-access bus services.

For more information please phone the GMPTE Travel Voucher Information Service on 0161 242 6077 and leave your name, address and phone number on the answering machine.

Where does Ring and Ride run?
The service runs throughout Greater Manchester in local areas. Mostly, Ring and Ride provides short trips in the areas shown on maps which you can get from your local Ring and Ride service, (if you do not get one with this leaflet). For longer journeys, we will try to link up with other suitable local bus, rail and Metrolink services. However, we now offer the following new services:

For details of new services, please contact your local Ring and Ride service.

A Minicom service is also available on all these numbers for deaf people who have a suitable machine.

When you phone Ring and Ride for the first time, our staff will tell you all about Ring and Ride and answer your questions. We will ask for your name, address and phone number, and we will ask you a few simple questions about why you have difficulty using ordinary buses.

Booking a Journey
You will usually book a journey by phone the day before you want to travel. When you register with us, we will give you the booking line number and the booking times. When you book, make sure you arrange your return journey if you want one. If you are flexible about the time of your journey, you will have a better chance of getting it. If you need to change or cancel a booking, ring our enquiry line number, which will be on the card we will give you when you register with us. There are special arrangements for people who don't have a phone. For more information, ask someone to ring your local Ring and Ride service.

Tips for phoning us
Because our services are popular, it is sometimes difficult to get through but please be patient. The following tips may help. If the phone rings several times don't give up. There may be a delay in answering but you are in the queue, and we will answer your call as soon as we can. If the line is engaged, please keep trying. If your phone has an automatic re-dial button (often marked R or #), use it to save time and effort.

Getting together popular destinations
Although Ring and Ride does not offer a block booking service for organised groups or societies, you can book for a number of passengers with one call. If you live near a number of other Ring and Ride users, try to organise to travel together. This will help us to help you. The number of people you can book for is not limited, except by the size of the buses. But remember, you must all be going to the same place, be returning together and be able to be picked up together or at conveniently close addresses. Some popular destinations, such as shopping centres, superstores, clubs, churches and so on, may be used regularly by groups of our passengers. If there is a popular place that you regularly travel to, we may be able to run a bus to it from near your home on a more regular basis, and allow you to phone outside the busy times. If you have any ideas, please phone us.

Passengers' companions
You can bring along a friend, relative or carer to help you if you want. We will charge your companion at the cheaper rate if they have a pass, otherwise, they will pay the standard Ring and Ride fare. They do not need to be registered with Ring and Ride as long as they are traveling with and helping you. If you have a guide dog or a hearing dog it can travel with you, free of charge. Unfortunately, for the comfort and safety of all passengers, other dogs and pets are not allowed on our buses.

Children who are eligible to use Ring and Ride buses can travel with a registered user or as users themselves. Young children should always have a responsible adult with them. If you have any questions, please contact your local Ring and Ride service.

Ring and Ride and Shopmobility
Shopmobility schemes are based in town centres. If you have difficulty getting about, the schemes can provide scooters and wheelchairs to help you do your shopping and enjoy all the facilities of the town centre. Ask your Ring and Ride depot for more information about Ring and Ride links with Shopmobility.

Smoking is not allowed on Ring and Ride buses.

What we don't do
We don't provide trips to hospitals for people who have medical appointments. If you have difficulty with this type of journey, you should speak to your doctor's office at the hospital or clinic. We don't double up on services provided by Social Services and Education Departments. If you go to a centre which your local authority runs, check with them first to see if they provide transport. If they don't, we may be able to help.

Important safety notice
Seat belts are provided on Ring and Ride buses. We strongly advise that you use them. If you have difficulty, ask the driver to help.

Ring and Ride services are managed by a charity called Greater Manchester Accessible Transport Ltd and are funded by the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority.

Contact Information

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