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Welcome to all of you.

First, here is what our worship leaders have been saying to us.


On 6th October Sheila conducted our service for us.  We thought about the question ‘What is faith?’.  In the Bible Jesus talks about faith the size of a mustard seed.  A tiny seed of faith is enough if it is alive and growing.

God loves us and it important to believe that we have value.  God is very patient and uses circumstances to promote our faith.  We are not an object that he possesses.  He seeks neither to impress us or belittle us.  He wants us to mature and develop.  He does not become angry every time we make a mistake or grieve if we do not follow him.  He never says ‘no’ to hope.  He is patient and loving and never forsakes us.  If we are apart from him, there is a void in our lives that the world cannot fill.  He waits for us to return to him.


On 13th October, Rev Anne reminded us about the occasion when Jesus healed 10 lepers.  He told them to go and show themselves to the priest as the law dictated.  They did so and then just one returned to say ‘thank you’.  We sometimes intend to thank someone but then become distracted and forget.  We easily see problems and are quick to complain, but rarely say thanks.  Perhaps we should focus on the good things that we should be grateful for.  Being grateful is also good for our mental health.  If you count your blessings, you are less depressed.  It is not just abut thanking the person, it is also about praising God.

Rev Anne also went on to tell us about Examen, which is a form of prayer.  These are the 5 stages of Examen:-

  1. Ask God for light.  Try and look at your day with God’s eyes.
  2. Give thanks.  Each day is a gift.
  3. Review your day, guided by the Holy Spirit.
  4. Consider your shortcomings.
  5. Look forward to the next day and ask where you need G

On 20th October, Rev Ruth took our service.  She reminded us of Jeremiah, who told the Israelites that God would make a new convenant with them and that they would know God in their hearts.  God had chosen then to be his people.  He would always be there for them.  Everything in the world affects us and we are part of it.  We are called to pray for the world.  Rev Ruth recalled the widow who thought she had a hopeless case but pestered the judge so much that he finally listened to her and did something.  We need to pray and to persist.  People in Northern Ireland prayed for peace and it came – fragile but there.  Many people prayed for equality in South Africa.  Surely our task is to pray for our world and not give up.  It’s a long-term commitment.  Today’s society expects instant results.  Prayer takes time.  It is not an instant fix.


On 27th October, Rev Rachel spoke to us about Jesus’ appearance in the synagogue in Nazareth, his home town.  Everyone spoke well of him until they realised that he was claiming to be the one referred to in the scriptures and that scripture was being fulfilled before their eyes.  This was more than they could appreciate.  After all, he was just the lad from down the road, Joseph and Mary’s son and they drove him out of Nazareth.  Jesus was setting out his mission statement and his identity, but to them it made no sense.  We have the gift of scripture and know the full story.  In him God was made flesh and the prophecy was fulfilled.  Our faith is based on the word of God.  If we view the Bible through his teaching, we will have peace.  As the living word he brings scripture to life. 


On 4th November, we arranged our own service.  We thought about Halloween, which really means ‘All Saints’ Day’ and that includes you and me because the Bible says that all God’s people are saints.  If we belong to Christ, how should we be?  Someone the light shines through – like a pumpkin lantern?  Can we find ways to let that light shine this week?

Philip told us about the RNLI, a charity we support.  He told us how it began in 1824 but did not take on its present name until 30 years later.  He told us about the heroic actions of people like Grace Darling, who saved so many lives at sea.  By the 1970s the familiar orange inflatable boats had been added to the all-weather boats and also some hover craft.  The RNLI carries out 7-8,000 rescues a year, performed by thousands of volunteers supported by thousands more, including Philip.


The 10th November was Remembrance Sunday.  Rev Rachel took our service.  She focused on hope amongst despair.  She spoke about Coventry Cathedral, bombed in the war and rebuilt as a sign of hope and peace in 1962, a new building alongside the ruins of the old one.  When God spoke to Moses by the burning bush he referred to the patriarchs as being still alive.  Jesus uses this to offer encouragement and belief in everlasting life.  We search for God’s healing and hope for resurrection even in the darkest of times.

The usual Remembrance Day Parade through the village took place, led by Rev Anne, Rev Rachel and Rev Ruth.  Our MP, Tony Lloyd, was also present.  The procession was led by a rousing band and many people from the village were in attendance.  Rev Anne led the service at the memorial.


On 17th November, Barry turned up with his silver case, which this time contained a Mars bar. Its logo was ‘work, rest and play’.  If we are God’s servants, we will sometimes work for him, sometimes rest and sometimes play.  Barry also had some Mars advent calendars, which he promised to share next time he comes.  We will hold him to that!  Advent calendars look forward to Christmas and the good news of the birth of Jesus.  We can share this good news as we work, rest and play.  The disciples gave up everything to follow Jesus.  They thought his death was the end.  It was only the beginning.  They would carry on serving.   In our daily lives we work for him as well.  They also rested – went to a peaceful river or mountain side.  Times of rest and quiet are part of serving God.  Playing can mean being part of a team.  We are a team because we each play a part in the life of the church.  Playing can mean being a good sportsman or musician.  They will have spent many hours practicing.  One of the things we do when we serve God is spread the seeds of good news over and over again.  We hope and pray the seeds will grow in peoples’ lives.  We look forward to Christmas as we serve him and share the good news.  We have all been chosen to work together to serve God.



Other Things


12th/13th October was Wardle’s first Scarecrow Weekend.  Everyone who wanted to join in made a scarecrow and put it on display anywhere in the village they happened to be and people could wander around and admire them.  We were happy to join in and our scarecrow looked like Neptune rising from the sea, surrounded by plastic and reflected our concern about the state of the world’s oceans.  The Rainbows, Brownies and Guides also joined in and put their scarecrows on display near ours outside the church.  The whole event proved very popular and will happen again next year.


Now we are busy preparing of our Christmas Fair, which is taking place on Saturday 23rd November, between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm.  Besides our usual stalls and competitions there will be children’s activities laid on upstairs this year, so that will be interesting. 


Something else for the children will be the Christingle Service on 1st December, which is always a happy service to look forward to.


This ‘In Touch’ is now very long, so just time to wish you ‘Happy Christmas’.  May God bless you and make it a special time for you and, as we will not be in touch again for a while, ‘Happy New Year’ as well.


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