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Hello everyone.  Sorry this web page has not been updated for a while.  Things like holidays have intervened, but here is your chance to catch up on what we have been hearing in church.


On 2nd June, Rev Ruth took our service.  She assured us that we can experience the same love of God that Jesus experienced.  Jesus came so that we could know God, be forgiven and have a wonderful relationship with him.  We are not robots.  We can give and receive love.  To be loved by God is the most amazing thing of all.  After Jesus’ death people responded to God’s love and the church was growing, but the cost was great.  Christians faced rejection by their families and persecution.  Paul and Silas were arrested, imprisoned, beaten and shackled, but their response resulted in their jailer becoming a Christian.  Their message was the same message of love that we share today.  What do we risk if we share it?

On 9th June, Rev Rachel spoke about her experience as a volunteer at the ‘Spring Harvest’ and ‘New Wine’ festivals.  One of the things she noticed a few years ago, was that some  people were wearing t-shirts with WWJD on them – ie What Would Jesus Do?  We can ask this today.  We can prayerfully consider how Jesus would behave.  Jesus said the father was within him and that the spirit would come and be in the disciples and stay with them.  The spirit seems to be dawdling in many Christians today.  Perhaps we could invite God’s spirit to fill our lives.  Peter was transformed by the spirit.  We could achieve great things and be more Christ-like.  Our task is to discern the holy spirit within each of us.

This day was also the day of the Whit Walk, when we joined with other churches in the area to walk along Halifax Road from Dearnley to Hare Hill Park.  We were helped on our way by a band from Wardle Academy and, on arrival, enjoyed a short service.  We were honoured by a visit from Bishop Mark, who was his usual cheerful self and shared a few encouraging words with us.  Luckily, the rain just about managed to keep off, apart from a few odd drops, and the sun actually managed to come out towards the end.

On Fathers’ Day, 16th June, Kendra led our service and we spent time thinking about what being a father means.  Poems were read and Kendra amused us by reading from her Father’s Thesaurus, which quoted various expressions and how they might be interpreted.  The male members of the congregation were given chocolate bars, making the female members very jealous!

On 30th June, Barry arrived without his case, much to our dismay.  He did, however, have a pair of white gloves and asked us to guess what job they were for.  Answer – a snooker referee.  He used the gloves to represent the hands of God.  God’s hands and our hands are meant to be together.  Our hands in God’s hands are a perfect fit.  God is our shepherd.  He cares for us, loves us and guides us.  The sheep’s job is to follow his instructions.  When a sheep went astray in the Bible story, the shepherd went to find it.  The rest of the flock were left and could have wandered off, but the shepherd was unconcerned.  That is the sort of relationship that God want with us.  When we go astray, he taps us on the shoulder and leads us back to the fold.  This vision of the shepherd being together.  We are all equal in God’s sight.  Togetherness is what God wants for his church.  He wants to show us the way forward and we need God to guide us.  When things get difficult, God reaches out.  Do we put our hand in his hand and say ‘lead me and guide me’?  He will never leave us or disappoint us.  The Bible shows an image of heaven where the Good Shepherd is leading us to eternal life together with families and friends.  This treat is yet to come, but we do not have to wait for the new life.  It is here and now if we put our hand in the hand of God – a perfect fit – how it is meant to be.

The 6th June was our own arrangement and we thought about previous Christians we have known and the closeness of God.  We also had a poem about the return of Jesus and how ready we might be for this promised event.

On 28th July, Rev Anne said we have the idea that God is a gift-giver.  If we ask persistently, he will give us what we ask for, but does this always work out in practice?  Why not?  Do we need to pray harder?  Did God say ‘no’?   Neither answer is satisfactory.  The disciples asked to be taught how to pray, but they were not inexperienced in prayer, so what did they see in Jesus’ prayer – intimacy? belonging? trust? peace? fresh vision? greater strength? deeper empathy?  The disciples wanted to attain what Jesus attained.  We are impatient and self-absorbed – help us to start afresh.  Show us how to pray.  When do we find the time?  Prayer is ordinary, what we are wired for, what God’s children do, like oxygen, food and water.  We know and are known in prayer.  As, seek, knock and it shall be given to you.  Is it permitted to name our longing; to say all is not ok; God’s kingdom is not yet here?  Keep knocking.  Say ‘your kingdom come’; feed us.  God’s promises exceed all that we can desire.  When we persist and name our longings, he will not fail to give his self.  He will not keep his empowering spirit from us.  His answer will be ‘yes’.  Maybe the disciples saw the spirit in Jesus – so beautiful and compelling that they wanted it too.  Is the ‘yes’ of God’s spirit a sufficient answer?  It is hard not to get the answer you ask for.  Often, we want stuff more than we want God.  We pray because it is what God’s children do and what we need most is God’s own spirit.  Our prayers usher it in and remind us we are not alone.  God is our guarantee.

On 11th August, Geoff spoke to us abut waiting for the Son of Man.  Waiting is a reality of life.  Another reality is that we do not like waiting – in supermarket queues, traffic jams or to be served in restaurants.  Sometimes life seems to be nothing but waiting.  Sometimes it seems the world has waited for ever for peace.  Sometimes we feel we are waiting and do not know what for.  It may be fears and anxieties for the future.  Waiting in the past may bring sadness and guilt.  We can only be alive in the present.  It is the place to wait to be ready – the only place where we can experience God.  Jesus teaches how to wait.  He invites us into the presence of God, to see his glory in others, to be alert and open our eyes to be ready for action.  God is always there.  God wants you to have the kingdom and be full of the holy spirit.  May our eyes be open, ears alert and heart responsive to the kingdom when we least expect it.

We are now looking forward to Wardle Village Fete on 7th September.  We will have a bottle stall, we will be giving away plants and we will be giving children the opportunity to help create an octopus – yes octopus!  If you have the chance do come and visit us.  We would love to see you.

Goodbye for now. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

God bless you.


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