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IN TOUCH  - May 2019


Hello and welcome.

Here are some summaries of what our worship leaders have been saying to us:

On Palm Sunday a procession with two donkeys came up the road from St James’ Primary School to commemorate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  This was followed by an outdoor service and Rev Cherry Vann, who was kindly paying us a visit, told us that Palm Sunday was the start of the holiest of weeks: the week when we see how much God loves us – more than we can begin to imagine.  There is nothing we can say or do to make him love us more or less.  He has no favourites and whether we go to church or not makes no difference.  In his love we are set free from fear, shame, guilt and anxiety.  We start to enjoy life in its fulness.  God’s invitation is to come and see:

Jesus was ridiculed, whipped, crucified, abandoned and the crowds called for his death.  God invites us to ‘come and see’ how different life is living in his love.

On Easter Sunday the service was led by Rev Ruth.  She reminded us that this day was all about excitement and wonder, as it was the day when Jesus was raised back to life.  The women who found the tomb empty knew they would not be believed, but why would they make up such a thing?  It would be a cruel joke – quite irrational.  Later the disciples saw Jesus alive.  He died so we can be forgiven.  We are the people of the resurrection.  This message has spread throughout the world.  Jesus is with us now at this moment.  We proclaim him alive and with us and shout alleluia!

On 28th April, Rev Rachel took our service and talked to us about ‘doubting’ Thomas, who had seriously doubted the resurrection, finally realised that Jesus was still alive and greeted him with ‘My Lord and my God’.  Jesus is our Lord and our God, but he had to appear before many people before they believed in him.  Thomas was not the only one who doubted.  It is possible to believe but not to fully trust.  Do we trust God in our lives?  Honest doubt and wavering belief are the history of the church over the centuries.  Thomas was confused.  He was a healthy cynic.  He wanted to see the proof and, when he did, he was overwhelmed with shame and awe.  God offers a unique purpose for each of us.  He has called us by name and sometimes he is up close and personal, flooding us with the Holy Spirit and then, if asked, we can say ‘I do not believe, I know.’

On 12th May, Rev Mike spoke to us about ageing, how time seems to go faster and how sometimes life seems like a conveyor belt and how we become nervous about reaching the end.  Some people cling onto life.  Is it worth any price to delay the discovery?  We have the gift of eternal life.  Sometimes we feel close to God, perhaps when we are staring up at the stars or taking communion and we experience just a whisper of eternity.  Faith whispers ‘Have courage’.  St Paul promised that we will all be changed.  All our ailments will go.  We will put on immortality.  We should be encouraged.  The most important part of a funeral is looking at what comes next.

On 19th May, Rev Lawrence took our service and reminded us of the power that exists in a common meal.  Jesus broke down barriers just by sitting down and eating with people.  He ate with sinners and tax collectors.  He includes everyone.  Jesus was asked to give the bread of life and he did so as he went to his death at the Last Supper.  He said ‘This is my body – I am giving myself for you’.  As the bread was passed around the table, the disciples knew something was happening that could not be put into words.  Each of us experiences different things during communion.  When asked what God wants us to do, Jesus said ‘Believe in the one he sent.  Whoever comes to me will never be hungry.  Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty’.  It was a new covenant.  Jesus was with them.  He releases us from pain and grudges and unites us with God and each other.

On 26th May, Rev Anne spoke to us about peace.  Jesus said ‘My peace I give to you.’  We all need peace at times.  Muslims greet each other with ‘Peace be upon you.’ Jews say ‘Salom’ which means peace.  We often use the word ‘peace’ in church.  It is a state of wholeness and prosperity that the world cannot give – a peaceful heart.  You can find it within you even at times of trouble.  Anxiety and depression are prevalent in society.  Jesus offers to bring his peace.  Trust in God helps to dissipate anxiety.  We need to share our faith with others and work for peace in all aspects.  Peace-making might be offering a listening ear, arranging social opportunities or talking to someone different to you.

A prayer for peace:

Dear God, send your peace:

Peace to this world

Peace to this country

Peace to friends and community

Peace to families and loved ones

Give me your peace and help me to give it away.



Other Things:

If you have been near the Church recently, you may have noticed that the road alongside has been given a face-lift.  All the pot holes have gone and the surface covered with bits of tarmac.  This is not a complete re-surfacing but is a vast improvement and means that we can now access the carpark without any problem.

A friendly neighbour has also transformed the grass verge to the carpark into flower beds with a wonderful array of flowering plants, making it much more attractive.

April 18th was the day of our Maundy Thursday Supper, a lovely buffet, very generously provided by some of our members, followed by a simple communion service, led by Rev Rachel, in remembrance of the Last Supper.

Last week was Christian Aid week.  We usually do a house to house collection, but this year some of us did a sponsored walk in Manchester and we joined with St James’ School to put on a coffee morning.  The school band joined in as well and provided some lively entertainment.

On 7th June we will be joining in the Whit Walk from St Andrew’s to Harehill Park at 1.30 pm, so you may notice us marching along Halifax Road.

Rev Anne will be ordained at Manchester Cathedral on 22nd June and we wish her every blessing as she continues with her ministry.  The next day she will take her first communion service and everyone from Wardle Village Church will be going down to St Andrew’s to share in it, so there will be no service at our church on 23rd June.

That is all our news for now, so enjoy the summer weather and may the Lord bless you all.

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