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PRESIDENT  Nichola Helliwell                                       Newsletter 355  August, 2020


One day at time is all we should be dealing with.  We can’t go back to yesterday and we can’t control tomorrow.  So, live for today. That is the motto I am living by at the moment

 I am about to start my treatment (which will mainly be at home), and Sue C and the Exec will be standing in for me, when I am not up to it.  You will all by now have had the email/correspondence regarding the meeting on August 26 which will be held via Zoom.  Please accept my apologies if you have not got this facility, but you will be kept informed of what is happening.  Those that can join us please let Ann W know so she can invite you.  We are using the Rotary license so we will not be restricted to 40 minutes.

Finally, on behalf of Neil and Myself thank you for the cards, flowers and good wishes on our Silver Wedding Anniversary a couple of weeks ago.

Until next month, stay safe ladies.



Staying at home has lost its appeal

We are missing our friends at the Inner Wheel.

Social distancing is no fun

We will all be happy when it’s done

As yet we have no new Invitations

Corona Virus has set limitations.

Looking forward to our initial meeting

For fun and laughter and a friendly greeting.

We wait at home with anticipation

So we can resume Inner Wheel occupation.

Will we need to wear a mask

When we are organising any new task ?

We haven’t seen our proposed new room

Or will we next meet on Zoom ?



The accounts have been audited and I have emailed them along with the subs forms today.

Ann W

Members’ Musings

Marion and Dean are now the happy great-grandparents of Theo Robert Sullivan, born 13th August at a healthy 8lb 2oz, a brother for Noah.  (happy despite Marion’s concerns about the age profile of persons entitled “great grandma”)

Ann F:  Greetings to all members. Just had a lovely lunch at Nutters and took advantage of the ten pound government discount which helped to make it even more enjoyable.

Ann W:  Welcome back Irene!

I hope you are all keeping well and managing to get somewhere even if it’s only to the shops. Let’s hope the stricter measures will be lifted soon and at least we can get back to having people in our gardens.

Well still nothing much to say as I have not been anywhere special. We have been to a few restaurants and it was good to eat out. We have only been at lunchtimes. Today was the Green Door and it was delicious as usual, especially using the Eat Out to Help Out offer!

Today I randomly met Sylvia as she was returning from the hairdressers. It was nice to have a chat and actually see a member in the flesh. I think it is particularly hard for someone by themselves.

Stay safe and keep smiling.

Liz: The renewed lockdown stymied the book group’s hopes of a garden meeting, so we reverted to Zoom for an informal look at what we are currently reading.  This was the list if you fancy giving them a go.

The Strawberry Thief, Joanne Harris

The Miniaturist, Jessie Burton

The Long Walk, Slavomir Rawicz

The DC Ryan series LJ Ross

Trust No One, Debra Webb

The Girl in the Spider’s Web, David Lagercrantz

Laura Briggs, light hearted chick lit

Girl, Woman, Other, Bernadine Evaristo

Covid Hokey Cokey

You pull your face mask on,

You pull your face mask off,

On, off, on, off,

‘Specially if you cough.

You do the COVID-19

And you go to ground.

That’s what it’s all about.

Woah, the hokey cokey

Woah, the hokey cokey

Woah, the hokey cokey

Knees bent, arms stretched


You keep your family in,

You keep your neighbours out,

In, out, in, out,

Shield – avoid a bout..

You do the COVID-19

And you go to ground.

That’s what it’s all about.   Woah, the hokey cokey……

You sanitise your hands,

You sanitise your feet,

Hands, feet, hands, feet,

Important not to cheat.

You do the COVID-19

And you go to ground.

That’s what it’s all about.     Woah, the hokey cokey……

You’ve heard the North’s locked up,

You’ve heard the North’s locked down,

Up, down, up, down,

Scared to go to town.

You do the COVID-19

And you go to ground.

That’s what it’s all about.   Woah, the hokey cokey…….

This poem by permission of Chris Thornton, Littleborough U3A.  Supplied by Lis

Liz:  Recommended:  Quartet a film about a retirement home for musicians who are preparing for a fund raising concert.  Starring Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins and Maggie Smith with a host of other elderly actors who will have you shouting “it’s him” repeatedly.  Brilliant acting and you can hear every word...  Billy Connelly prevents it ever becoming mawkish.

Book Group    

Meetings 7.30 pm on the second Tuesday of the month.  All club members welcome.  Zooming until further notice.

A library is a repository of medicine for the mind.  American proverb.

Septermber   The Long Walk, Slavomir Ravicz, Janice

October  The Thirteenth Tale, Diane Setterfield.  Lis

Sue’s Gardening Blog

Hello  Ladies,

At last some rain, though we could do with a few good downpours, to soak the flower beds thoroughly. Not that I’m trying to tempt fate mind! The gardens are just beginning to show signs of that end of summer look, when plants are fading gradually. Keep on dead heading, plants such as Dahlias, Roses, and summer annuals, it is the best tool to producing more flowers, always remember to cut the stem right down to the next leaf or bud joint, otherwise it won’t produce more flowers so easily.

The other important thing to do is water, water, water, until we get heavier rain, gardens will not benefit sufficiently, also of course keep up the regular feeding, for a few more weeks yet.

If you’re interested in growing from seed, now’s the time to start collecting it, just snap off flower heads and store until seeds harden off and dry out. Hopefully in the spring, when we are back to having meetings at a venue, we can have a seed swop!

If you have camellias and rhododendrons, keep them well watered, particularly if they’re in pots, as they need moisture from now onwards to help form next year’s flower buds.

Plants such as Chrysanthemum and Penstemon are susceptible to leaf and bud eelworm.  If you see stunted and distorted growth with blotched leaves it’s a sure sign that they’re infected. To reduce spread avoid wetting foliage and when watering, do so directly on the ground surrounding the plant.

A few useful lists of plants for different reasons:


Geranium ‘Rozanne’;  Valerian (Centranthus ruber);   Aster frikartii ‘Monch’;  Japanese anemones;  Phlox paniculata  ‘Blue Paradise’;  Daphne transatlantica ‘Eternal fragrance’.


Iris pallida;  Acanthus especially ‘Rue Ledan’; Crambe maritima (sea kale);  Crocosmia Lucifer;  Thalictrums;  Dianthus  ‘Bailey’s Anniversary.


Early bulbs;  Osmanthus;  Sarcococca;  Skimmia confusa ‘Kew green’;  ferns;  Bergenias;  Euphorbias;  Iberis sempervivens;  Hellebores.

Finally, I can fully recommend a packet of Rudbeckia mixed seeds, I sowed them in early March, and now I have a wonderful display, bright yellow heads, some striped, some plain, with dark brown open centres, well loved by bees and other pollinators. Once they have died back, by the first frosts, clumps of them can be divided every year. Amazing value!! Alongside these my bright scarlet red Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ are superb, and look a treat mixed with the Rudbeckia.

Happy Gardening Ladies!

Next club meeting

Zoom meeting 26th August, 7.30 pm.  To be preceded by AGM reports.  Let Ann Whitley know if you will be joining so she can send you an invitation.

Next executive



Contributions please to Liz by Monday, 14th September, 2020





Contact Information

Inner Wheel Club of Rochdale

Meeting times

We meet every 4th Wednesday of the month for a meal followed by the formal meeting, including fund raising planning and often a speaker.     6.30pm for 7.00 pm for a meal then the meeting

During the Coronovirus lock down, we have suspended our regular meetings although we are experimenting with metings via Zoom.  But the club executive committee is meeting as usual, albeit on line. to discuss when and how we will start up again.  The book group has also moved on line temporarily and our monthly newsletter is still being produced to keep us all in touch.

Secretary  Lis Kay