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Our primary aim is the promotion of the religion, science and philosophy of Christian Spiritualism, which is a recognised faith in the United Kingdom and beyond. A part of the wider modern Spiritualism belief, we recognise the teachings of the Master Jesus of Nazareth and, in that way, we classify ourselves as Christians.

Spiritualism is not only a religion but a way of life. It is using your intuition or your sixth sense. It is finding the God or Great Spirit within. Finding your God. We are all different. Different upbringings, cultures and beliefs. Finding our God will bring love into our hearts and peace within.

As Spiritualists we believe we are spirit before we are born, spirit when we are on the earth with a body and spirit after death. We believe there is a world beyond this physical world which we call the spirit world. The spirit world is a world of thought, some call it heaven. Our main aim as spirit is to get nearer to God or perfection in developing our soul. One of the ways we can do this is by being born into a physical body, leading a life on earth where we learn lessons that are needed to progress our soul. When we return to spirit we have more lessons to learn, more work to do. Many spirits work close to the earth plane as guides and helpers. Linking with individuals on earth through difficult times, guiding and guarding us. This is all done in the name of love, God’s love. By helping each other we can learn and grow nearer to God and his understanding.

Christian Spiritualism not only embraces Spiritualism as described but also brings Jesus into our lives. We believe that the stories of Jesus teach us how to lead our lives. Love one another, forgive those who hurt us, do not judge, be humble and compassionate. The most important of these is love. Love your neighbour as yourself whatever their colour or creed.

Spiritualists believe we all have spirit guided who are with us from birth to death. We also have other spirit helpers who help us according to the problems or difficulties we are having. We can ask for help when we need it and they will be supporting us as best they can. They cannot lead our lives for us but they can give us thoughts to help us solve our problems.

Another of our local aims is to become a centre of studying excellence for the people of Kirkholt & beyond, to support self development and so we have offered our venue and volunteers to the "Rochdale Community Champions" programme, supporting residents to gain skills in literacy & numeracy, as there are many people we talk to on the estate who feel they have, over the years, 'slipped through the net' with regards to their education and we are keen to be part of the process to help them become who & what they truly deserve to be.

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Inspiration Ministries - Rochdale

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