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Our latest project "SPIRITSHACK TV"

Regular attendees at our weekly classes, clinics & services will know just how passionate we all are at teaching the wonderful truth and message of Christian Spiritualism, especially our Minister Barry. Well, in a bid to test himself and his abilities and drag both him AND the movement into the 21st Century, Barry, Jonathan and the team are delving into the world of tv media. Now, we hear you saying "that's nothing new, what with the likes of Ghost Hunters Intl, Most Haunted, Rescue Mediums and the like what's different about you?" Well, Spirit Shack TV is a new programme, initially via YouTube, but not only showing the actual 'work' involved in rescue work (releasing trapped or lost spirits back to the realm beyond this world but explaining,in a fun but educational way in each episode, the actual mechanics, in other words the hows, whys, wheres and whats that we mediums go through to help release these souls from the tie they have to this physical realm. We want to do this to help inform AND educate our viewers sp that the misconceptions that mediums do something so much more simply 'put on a show' for a bit of fun. This is as serious and important a job that we do and we honestly think there is a slot in the schedules to advance not only the cause of Spiritualism, but also the viewer's knowledge as well. we welcome you all to turn on & watch us at work. As we are basing our work and filming initially in the UK & Ireland, we are also looking for both householders who believe their home has a resident "ghost" or "poltergeist" (sorry to prewar you that in by far the majority of cases, perceived possession can almost always be found out to be a purely physical causation, and the ghostly types are rarer than people think, so you will see not only the paranormal situations being dealt with, but we will also teach viewers how they can disprove ghostly interventions by themselves, as well as the paranormal reality of genuine possession situations, which if course should only be undertaken by trained professionals.

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