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Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

£125,000 Donation from East Lancashire Freemasons and the Freemasons’ Grand Charity Supports Improvement of Children’s Eye Care and Diagnosis 

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Charity has received a £125,000 donation from the Freemasons. Made up of a major donation from East Lancashire Freemasons and supplemented by a grant from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity, the funds will be going towards the Hospital’s Eye Bicentenary Charity Appeal to improve treatment, research and care at the Children’s Outpatient Clinic. 

The substantial donation will contribute to the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment called a DNA Sequencer. The DNA Sequencer together with sequencing agents will not only be able to improve diagnosis for inherited eye diseases, but will also provide a vital tool to enable researchers to better understand the genetic basis of eye disease. 

Currently, a diagnosis for inherited eye diseases can involve repeated and invasive testing. However, using the latest sequencing technology, the cause of the disease in 75% of patients will be detected with a single blood sample. This will mean that the Hospital will be able to treat more eye-patients than ever before while greatly reducing the trauma that they might experience. 

DNA sequencing helps to identify new gene variants that cause disease in the eye. It will enable researchers at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital to better understand how such eye problems develop and open up enhanced treatment possibilities. 

The donation will also enable the post of ‘Children’s Eye Clinic Liaison Officer’ to be created. The post will provide much needed support to patients and their families at a critical time – when a child is diagnosed with a serious eye condition. From specific counselling, working with social services, schools and the wider community, the Children’s Eye Clinic Liaison Officer will enhance patient care beyond diagnosis. 

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital recently marked its bicentenary by raising funds to improve treatment, research and care at the Children’s Outpatient Clinic. The success of the Appeal will enable the Hospital to provide the best possible treatment using the best possible equipment in the best possible environment for children. 

Tanya Hamid, Legacies and Trusts Fundraising Manager, said: “We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of The East Lancashire Freemasons and The Freemasons Grand Charity. The support we have received really will make a significant difference to the lives of children who suffer from a range of eye conditions. “Being diagnosed with a serious eye condition can be a scary time a child and their family. With the funds raised by the Freemasons we are a step closer to being able to provide the most specialist care and support for those who need it the most.” 

Sir David Trippier, Provincial Grand Master for East Lancashire, said: “Freemasons are delighted to have provided vital financial support for the most worthy cause of the eyesight of young children, a cause for which Manchester Royal Eye Hospital provides such superb facilities and expertise. We are also delighted to have been supported in this project by The Grant Charity.” 


Friday, 19 Decemberr 2014

The Freemasons of Rochdale pay a surprise visit to Springhill Hospice.

The Freemasons of Rochdale continued their annual Christmas tradition by paying a surprise visit to Springhill Hospice to deliver a number of festive gifts for Hospice patients.

The money raised by the lodge members has been donated to help to provide Christmas gifts for the local men and women who are in receipt of Hospice services.

Chief Executive Julie Halliwell said, “It’s a wonderful gesture to think about others at this very special time of year. I know that our patients really appreciate these gifts and we extend our thanks to the Freemasons of Rochdale Todmorden and Bacup for their kindness.”

After the presentation a small team of Freemasons then hand delivered personally the  ' Christmas Goody Bags ' to the various homes of the patients throughout the Borough of Rochdale. The gifts were very well received by all.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Rochdale food bank has received a helping hand from the Freemasons of Rochdale.

As part of their charitable efforts, the Rochdale District Freemasons based at the Masonic Hall, Richard Street, donated £1025 to the food bank

Margaret Wight, manager of Food bank, said: “We are very grateful because obviously it will be of great benefit to the people we serve. “It was an unexpected donation and is very much appreciated.” "We see people who have got into difficulties when there is a change in their circumstances or problems with their benefits, and they have no finances to fall back on. They are in a desperate situation, with a family to feed and nothing in the house."

“Rochdale Foodbank” will only work with the cooperation and support of the whole community; either in supplying items of non-perishable, nutritious food, or in referring situations to it through professional agencies such as Social Services, schools, GP surgeries, churches, etc. 

Margaret Wight thanked Rochdale, Todmorden and Bacup Freemasons for their kind donations.



Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Two hundred and forty-two hospices across England and Wales are currently receiving grants from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity totalling £600,000.  Since 1984, the Charity has now donated more than £11 million in support of hospices.

Nine hospices in the region of East Lancashire have just received donations from the Freemasons’ Grand Charity totalling £23,576.

Speaking about the donation to Springhill Hospice, Peter Hewitt, Chairman of the Rochdale District Freemasons, said:  ‘Freemasons in East Lancashire are thrilled that the Freemason’s Grand Charity has continue to provide this vital funding to our local hospices.  The care, compassion and support they provide to the community is outstanding and we are delighted that we are able to show our continuing dedication to their cause’.

Financial support is crucial for ensuring a continued high quality service in hospices and every year Freemasons all over the country work together to provide funding for hospice services.

All donations made by the Freemasons to hospices are raised by Freemasons and their families with the aim of assisting hospices in their vital role in helping those affected by terminal or life limiting illness.



Monday 10 November 2014

Lest We Forget – Rochdale Freemasons Help with Poppy Appeal

Founded in 1921, the Royal British Legion is not just about those who fought in the two World Wars of the last century, but also about those involved in the many conflicts since 1945 and those still fighting for the freedom we enjoy today.

This year, due to the Legion’s co-ordinator having an unfortunate accident, the Rochdale branch of the British Legion urgently needed help with the selling of poppies, at short notice.  They required Poppy Appeal Collector volunteers at two sites: Morrison’s Kingsway superstore and Asda’s Town Centre superstore.

Many freemasons rose to the challenge this year in helping to man both sites in the days leading up to Remembrance Sunday.   Rochdale District chairman Peter Hewitt said: “It is a great honour and privilege for our team to be able to assist the Royal British Legion at such short notice. He went on to add "The Poppy Appeal 2014 has one key message: Live On – to the memory of the fallen and the future of the living. Monies raised through the Poppy Appeal goes directly to The Royal British Legion's welfare work providing through life care to anyone who is currently serving in the British Armed Forces, who has previously served and their families. “God Bless them All”.

In addition, the Freemasons would also like to take this opportunity to thank the fantastic generosity and support of the people of Rochdale and all the courteous and efficient staff, at both superstores, who were extremely helpful and welcoming.

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