Rochdale Pensioners' Association



At the next meeting the following are due:-

Payment for the Liverpool day trip £12

Remainder of the Caingorms holiday £109


We are Rochdale Pensioners' Association and we meet once a month in the council Chambers of the Town Hall.

We have a speaker at each meeting.

Days Out & Holidays by coach.

The annual subscription of £12 is payable at the February AGM.

Apologies may be by TEXT or telephoned  to Garry on the morning of the meetings Tel 07852388814  OR  Phill on 01706 674812

At the present time membership is full and the waiting list is closed.


KENDAL  - March - Monday 19th to 23rd. 

CAINGORMS - November - Tuesday 20th to Saturday  24th.

Events for 2018

Wednesday 16th of May York - £12.

Wednesday 6th of June Blackpool - £12

Wednesday 27th June Summer Lunch

Wednesday 11th of July Skipton - £12

Wednesday 8th of August Liverpool - £12 (and pre paid terracotta warriors).

Wednesday 5th of September Whitby - £12

Wednesday 12th December Christmas Dinner 

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Contact Information

Rochdale Pensioners' Association

Tel: 01706 660796

Meeting times

We meet once a month in the council chambers of the Town Hall

Next Meeting

 Wednesday  25th July at 2 pm  Town Hall Chambers