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Dear Members of Rochdale Judo Club, Parents and Youngsters

It's almost time to get back on the Judo mat!

Let's get the ifs and the buts out of the way first!

IF the Rochdale local lockdown has been released then we're back on the mat as soon as schools start back in September.

IF the Government doesn't introduce a national lockdown then we're ready for the off.

But will it be safe? RJC has followed British Judo and Government advice to the letter.

But why September? Because children are going back to school then and guidelines are in place to show the way back to Judo related exercise for Seniors and Juniors

.Our actual return to Judo opening week, for the Juniors, will be decided soon, depending on when we hear that Rochdale's lockdown has gone. Likewise, Seniors practice will resume on Wednesday 2nd September and Thursday 3rd September: all things being equal!

ANY Seniors questions please email Warren on

ANY questions at all, Juniors please email Eddie at

Do stay positive as we are only 3 weeks away!

Stay positive and stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all in just a few weeks’ time.

Yours in Judo

Warren Schofield 7th Dan L3 Coach and RJC Chairman




Rochdale Judo Club Junior Grading

Rochdale Judo Club (RJC) held a grading examination on Sunday 1 March and 10 junior judokas were graded. Full article and photos on Rochdale Online News:


British Judo Tots

This introduction to Judo developed by British Judo for 3 to 4 year old is now happening at Rochdale Judo Club!

For more information please ring Eddie on 07783109098 or email


Please note some early developments at the Club for 2020.

First of all, please note that we have to raise a few prices. Due to demands on us which are beyond our control, we have raised the Grading Examination fee from £20 to £25

We have also raised, in this our 70th Anniversary Year, Membership Fees from £5 to £10. You will receive not only RJC Membership but also a badge for your Gi and an Anniversary Pen.

Do check out the other Notices below. There are some changes.


Membership Fees £10 per annum payable in January (includes badge for Gi and RJC pen)

Mid-year paymentSeniors full payment until September. After that advise Members to wait until January to pay membership fees

Juniors full payment until October. After October still take Membership but allow Membership period to last for just over a year until next Membership fee due date.

Mat Fees non-members: Seniors/Juniors £6 per session

Mat Fees Members: Seniors/Juniors £5 per session

Mat Fees Nippers and Tots £2 per session

Mat Fee Charges For Parents with Large Families 1st child: full price; 2nd: full price; 3rd: half price; 4th: no charge

BJA Mon and Kyu Grading Fees: Seniors and Juniors £25

BJA Sho Grading Fees: £5 mat fee only



Please note

  1. decisions regarding judoka transfers from Tots to Nippers to Juniors and on to Senior sections are taken by the coaches in consultation with parents and judokas
  2. All children will be photographed for Club purposes at various times of the year. Please let us know if that is a problem.


  1.  RJC Welfare Officer is Julie Gamson. If you have ANY concerns re the running of the Club or the treatment of your child, Julie is available on 07773 252337


Contact Information

Rochdale Judo Club

Trafalgar Street
OL16 2EB

Tel: 01706 869818

Mobile: 07527 861 928

Meeting times

Monday 7:00–8:30 pm (Adults)

Tuesday 5.30-6.20pm (Nippers) 6:30–7:30 pm (Juniors)

Wednesday 7:00–8.30pm (Randori Adults)

Thursday 7:00–8.30pm (Adults)

Friday 6:30–7:30pm (Juniors)

Saturday Closed


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