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Judo Club Championships 2019 - The annual Rochdale Judo Club Championships were held on Sunday morning, 24 November where Ryan Kelly, received the Junior Club Champion Trophy. Full article, photos and video on Rochdale Online News:

Rochdale Judo Club Grading - Rochdale Judo Club (RJC) held a grading examination on Sunday 17 November and 23 junior judokas were graded. Full article, photos and video on Rochdale Online News:

Isobel Kitchen wins gold at Welsh Open - Full article and photos on Rochdle Online News:

Congratulations to Debbie Schofield 1st Kyu and Daisy Winter 3rd Kyu, for achieving their Level 1 Coaching Certificates. Well done to them both from everyone at RJC. They are both welcome additions to the Club's Coaching Team. (November 2019)

An Article shared by Dave Duffy 6th Dan

When practising any martial art, you are bound to make mistakes. The workouts are very technical and physical. Do not be discouraged if you make a mistake practising Judo. But to help, this article will outline five mistakes that you should avoid making.

The first mistake: Forgetting to drink fluids

Just like a car, you need to make sure you fuel your body when using it. Judo is a very physical sport and you use a lot of energy when you’re throwing and practising submissions, etc. Remember to bring water or training fluid with you and ensure that you drink it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are doing we forget the essential things we have learned in life. We all know that water is vital for optimal performance and working out will drain us of our water via sweating.

Petra Davies, a lifestyle blogger with State of Writing and Paper Fellows, , says, “the best thing you can drink while doing Judo is water. There are other sports drinks out there as well, but make sure you consult a specialist before supplementing that with water.”

Remember that you should always drink fluid before, during, and after your workout. Preventing dehydration is critical, not mitigating it. Your performance will suffer if you are dehydrated.

The second mistake: Not focusing during practice

From the moment you enter the dojo, it is time to practice. You should be focusing on the task at hand, which is learning the martial art. You can have fun with your fellow athletes, but remember you are there for a reason. Are you there to train hard? Learn a new technique? Randori? Ask yourself this question. Once you know this answer, focus on it and get in there.

A strategy can be to chat with your friends before practice. You can catch up with them, talk about your goals, and have a few laughs. Right when practice starts however, you switch a gear and it is now time to focus on the goals you have set for yourself.

The third mistake: Disrespecting the role of uke.

If you have practised Judo for any length of time, you have probably had an experience with someone that isn’t respecting the role that they are in. When you are practising Judo, if you are being thrown you are an uke and this role comes with responsibilities. You need to be respectful and not a difficult person to work with. There is nothing worse when it comes to a randori session and maybe your partner is going too hard or wearing a smelly gi.

You know how terrible it is to partner with someone like that. Mike Bosley, a sportswriter for Write my essay and Australian Help says, “Make sure you do things like wash your gi, cut your nails, be on time, respect your teacher, and most importantly give your partner proper body tension and responses to techniques.”

The fourth mistake: Ignoring your body

If you need to rest, then rest. Your body will tell you what you need. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a class off or go to the class and only do light technique work. If something feels off, get it checked out. Judo is a physical sport, and injuries can happen. Don’t just ignore a niggle as it could develop into something more serious that could keep you off the mat for an extended period of time.

The fifth mistake: Lacking patience

Judo is extremely technical and it takes years to become proficient in all parts of it. You need to accept this as a Judo practitioner. The fact that it is so difficult to become great at should motivate you. Judo is such a significant challenge. If you lack patience while training, only bad can come of that. To start, your technique will decline. Also, people will not want to work with you. Take a deep breath. It can be frustrating sometimes, but that is part of the journey.

Judo is a very technical and physical sport. With anything, mistakes are bound to happen. Now that you have read this article, you won’t make these five common mistakes. 

FOR EVERYONE at the Club:

The Annual Club Championships will be held on Sunday November 24th. Please arrive at 11.15 ready for an 11.30 start. We will probably finish around 1pm. There are medals for ALL entrants.

FOR EVERYONE who has a British Judo Association Membership:

The next Grading will be at RJC on Sunday 17th November. Please arrive at 11.15 for an 11.30 start. We will finish around 1pm. PLEASE make sure that your BJA Licence is UP TO DATE.

Rochdale Judo Club members Isobel Kitchen, Jake Brearley and Dave Hulme have all taken part in the Commonwealth Judo Games in September 2019:

Rochdale Judo Club members Isobel Kitchen, Jake Brearley and Dave Hulme have all been mentioned in the 'Summer of Sporting Success for Local Stars' feature in Real Rochdale magazine (Autumn 2019 edition, page 39):

Rochdale Judo Club coach braves the shave for Macmillan 

STOP PRESS Isobel Kitchen is picked for the Youth Olympics! Well done Andy Merchant!

Gareth's fitness sessions on Sunday morning's have been great for all involved and thanks to all the young people who have attended over recent months. The sessions are suspended now for a few weeks while families on holidays etc...and until after the school summer holidays. Keep training well and working on fitness through the holiday period and keep a look out for the dates when sessions re-starting.

After the British Teams Championships that took place in Scotland on Saturday 6 July and included Isobel Kitchen, Jake Brearley and Dave Hulme from Rochdale Judo Club, our Chairman, Warren Schofield 7th Dan, has sent the following letters of Thank you to our sponsors:

"On behalf of the BJA NWA let me say thank you for your generous donations and sponsorship. Your donation has helped greatly in offsetting costs and supporting the three teams we entered in the British National Team Championships held in Scotland. The three teams we entered managed to win third place (Bronze Medals) This would not have been achieved if not for your help,  for this we are eternally grateful."

Our Sponsors were:

Winter's Solicitors of Bacup and Winworth Construction of Rossendale

STOP PRESS! A date for your diaries. RJC Dinner and Dance is booked for November 9th at Rochdale Cricket Club. Don't miss it. It's a fun event!! Further details to follow 😃

What a day we had on Sunday 12th May! 

Gareth Pratt took a fantastic Fitness Session for 20 young athletes and Simon Jackson did his judo stuff for 17 young judokas. 

We have recently been given a £500 grant by Rochdale Hornets ex-players Association and Sunday saw our first opportunity to try out the new grappling dummies. 

A truly excellent time for participants and spectators alike! Check out the photos! 

9th June Juniors Mon Grading Session between 10am and approximately midday. Juniors please remember that there are free Grading sessions before both the Tuesday and Friday sessions so you can be sure you're up to speed for the Grading. Miss it miss out....

16th June Dermot Heslop 7th Dan will be holding a Coaching Revalidation Event at RJC for all coaches in the Area. It will be a Matside Coaching and Technical Grading One

AM Sunday 15th September Nicola Lochery is running a Safeguarding and Child Protection Course.

PM Sunday 15th September Dermot is running Technical Grading Two

Sunday 3rd November Dermot is running Technical Grading Three

In the near future Dermot is intending to run Nage No Kata course and also a Katame No Kata course. Exciting stuff!!

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