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Rochdale Metrolink line closed

Date published: 20 January 2014

The Rochdale Metrolink line has closed between Rochdale Railway Station and Central Park, Moston and replacement buses are running.

The closure is necessary for final connections to fix the new line running through Oldham town centre to the existing Oldham and Rochdale track at Mumps and Werneth.

Friday night marked the end of an era, as the old track at Oldham Mumps carried its final vehicle.

The last tram to use the line for Manchester left Mumps at 11.30pm Friday, with the service returning to Oldham and Rochdale at 12.45am. The line then closed ahead of today’s long-awaited Oldham town-centre Metrolink 3B line coming into service.

In the meantime, Rochdale town centre will not see trams for another couple of months.

Testing on the Metrolink line to the new Rochdale town centre stop started in November 2013 but the trams are not expected in town until Spring.

A spokesperson for Metrolink said: “There is a long commissioning process.

“As soon as there is a date, we will communicate it to the media and get it out to the public.”

The Rochdale town centre extension continues from Rochdale Railway Station along Maclure Road, down along Drake Street and ends at the new Metrolink stop on Smith Street.


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