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Heywood & Middleton - General Election 2015: Results

Welcome to the Rochdale Online General Election Special 2015.

Below is a full list of candidates standing for election in the Heywood & Middleton constituency.

Election Results: (Turnout: 0%) (Majority 5299)

Labour Liz McInnes (Elected) 20926
UKIP John Joseph Bickley 15627
Conservative Iain Brian Gartside 9268
Liberal Democrat Anthony J Smith 1607
Green Abi Jackson 1110

How To Vote

In the UK there are three different ways you can vote:

You can find out how to vote on The Electoral Commission web site

For a full list of polling stations click here.


Electoral Registration Office:

Electoral Registration Officer
PO Box 207
Town Hall
The Esplanade
OL16 1EW

If you have any questions, call 01706 924758 or email


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