Free Community Websites

Help your group or organisation gain extra exposure and publicity by applying for a FREE web site.

Community web sites from Rochdale Online are available to charities, voluntary groups and not-for-profit organisations including sports teams or clubs.

Rochdale Online community web sites are easy to use, with eight colour schemes to choose from.

Examples of Free Community Websites

Using the content management system you can:

  • Add, edit and delete pages, text and images
  • Create image galleries for any page
  • Show the location of your group with an interactive Google map
  • View how many visitors your site pages are receiving
  • The site also includes an image gallery page and a contact form.

Get a FREE site

If you are coaching at a sports club, or running a group in your free time then please send us some information about your organisation and we will set up a site for you (if you meet our criteria).

Email with the following details:

  • The name of the group.
  • Where and when you meet.
  • Contact address (please specify if this is the personal address of group organiser).
  • Contact phone number, email address and web site address.
  • Contact name and email address of the site administrator.
  • Some basic information or an introduction to the group so we can categorise it.
  • A logo/image for the group.


Example Community Websites