Friends of Littleborough Stations

Our Achievements

When were set up in 2005 we had two main aims: to secure step-free access to Littleborough Station, and to provide passengers with some shelter from wind and rain, particularly on Platform 1 where most passengers congregate whilst travelling to the main destination, Manchester. 

Access for All ramps were completed in November 2012 after over 12 months construction. 

We supported Littleborough Historical and Archaeological Society in their finally realised aim of obtaining a lease on the redundant rooms in the Station. Littleborough's History Centre opened in April 2012.

Weather-proof shelters were completed in March 2015. 

We have also been successful in making both Smithy Bridge and Littleborough Stations more welcoming places:

The photo gallery shows the team who installed the ramps, the mosaic, and one of the flower tubs.


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