Friends of Littleborough Stations

Our Constitution

Friends of Littleborough Stations


  1. The group shall be called ‘Friends of Littleborough Stations’ (the Friends), c/o The Treasurer, 8 Springfield Avenue, Littleborough, OL15 9JR
  2. The aims of the Friends are:
    1. To promote practical environmental enhancement works by volunteers and others for the benefit of the community and train passengers.
    2. To publicise and raise awareness of the benefits of ‘green transport plans’, the train, and attractions of the station and its environs, so as to increase station usage.
    3. To encourage community involvement and ownership, particularly by young people and schools, in conservation, environmental and associated artworks, poetry competitions etc. at the station, and its environs.
    4. To encourage local businesses to improve their own properties and to sponsor environmental enhancements at the station.
    5. To campaign for improved infrastructure facilities and services.
    6. To encourage and disseminate knowledge of the history of Littleborough Station and its place in the development of TransPennine travel.
    7. To work in partnership with all stakeholders to achieved these aims.
  3. To fulfil these aims the Friends will:
    1. Undertake practical environmental, conservation, recycling and other activities as they see fit.
    2. Encourage partnerships with other likeminded groups to undertake such work.
    3. Raise money/funding when necessary, including by means of awards, grants and sponsorship for carrying out the aims of the group.
    4. Publicize their activities and achievements.
  4. The area is, for Littleborough, generally the environs of Littleborough Station, Stephenson Square, the car park, and for Smithy Bridge, the platforms and adjacent areas.
  5. The Friends shall apply for membership of the Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACORP).
  6. Membership of the Friends shall be open to anyone interested in taking part in, or supporting, the work of the organisation.
  7. The Friends shall hold at least 4 meetings, including an Annual General Meeting each year to discuss its policy and administration. All members shall be entitled to attend and the meetings shall be fully advertised, especially at Littleborough Station.
  8. A committee and sub committees as required shall be appointed to conduct the administration of the Friends. This committee (which will include a Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer) will be in charge of the day to day running of the organisation, but will be answerable to the members.
  9. There shall be an annual subscription to help pay necessary expenses – to be fixed at a members’ meeting at such a rate as is from time to time thought appropriate.
  10. Accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer and submitted to the Annual General Meeting for approval. The accounts shall be made available for inspection on request.
  11. The Friends shall obtain any necessary insurance for volunteers and others on its projects and for injuries to third parties and damage to property.
  12. No person acting on behalf of the group shall enter or do anything on railway property without prior instruction in safety. All members shall be issued with a copy of the group’s health and safety policy which shall be approved by the railway operator.
  13. This constitution shall only be altered by consent of a majority of members of the organisation in a meeting that has been fully advertised.
  14. The Friends may be wound up at any time if agreed by two thirds of those members present and voting at any general meeting. In the event of winding up, any assets remaining after all debts have been paid shall be given to another group with similar charitable aims.






Contact Information

Friends of Littleborough Stations

Meeting times

The Friends of Littleborough Stations (FoLS) meets quarterly at The History Centre accessed via the Leeds platform at Littleborough Station.  See the Meetings page on our website for meeting dates.

FoLS members also meet up at regular intervals to undertake works to both Littleborough and Smithy Bridge Stations, as well as participating in the train company's annual Santa Specia to/from Manchester Victoria