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The History of Smithy Bridge Station

Demolition of Smithy Bridge Signal Box

John Stanley took photos of the demolition of the signal box at Smithy Bridge.


History of Smithy Bridge Station

Smithy Bridge station was opened by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company in 1868. It was closed on 1st May 1960, but was rebuilt and reopened on 19th August 1985.

"My great-grandfather, John Greenwood, was station master at Smithy Bridge circa 1872 - 1892. He was moved from Smithy Bridge to Walton Junction, near Liverpool, about 1892 - 94, returning to Smithy Bridge in 1898, I think to retire. I understand that during his time at Smithy Bridge there was a station master and two porters employed there. 

My Grandfather, Herbert Greenwood, was born at Smithy Bridge in 1872 and also worked on the railway, starting as a plate-layer and moving on to being a porter and then being in the signal box. He moved to Walton Junction with his parents and came back to /smithy Bridge with them in 1898 .He was working in a signal box somewhere between Smithy Bridge and Rochdale (Clegg Hall?) when a piece of coal flew out of the stove and into his face and he lost an eye, circa 1909. He was off work a few years and when he returned he finished his working days in the men's wash and brush up room at Rochdale Station. His ambition was to have been a station master like his father but he didn't achieve it.
His brother, William Greenwood, also worked for the railway in the booking office at Rochdale Station".

Peggy Jordan, 25th March 2011.



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