Local Election 2015

Anne  Shorrock

Anne Shorrock

North Heywood Ward

I am your Conservative Candidate in North Heywood Ward in the local elections on Thursday 7 May. If you feel strongly about Conservative values and you would like to see more Conservatives on Rochdale Council to further empower those that are already there, then I am that person.

I am a Heywood girl and attended All Souls’ Primary School during the 1940s. My family were local farmers at Primrose Hill Farm on Rochdale Road East where I was brought up. They helped to keep the nation fed, and supplied Heywood with milk between the two World Wars.

Being brought up in the 40s I remember rationing and how difficult it was for our mothers to keep a family fed during that time, before the Welfare State was introduced, but they worked wonders with what little food they were allowed with their ration coupons. I might add that people were a lot healthier then – for one reason there was no junk food around and people walked more! There was also a huge community spirit and people helped one another out. We had just gone through five years of war that had devastated our cities and our economy and everybody was looking forward to a brighter future just as people are today.

Coming from a farming family, I am a keen supporter of British produced food. We still have local farms in the area, but unfortunately farming is on the decline but we are lucky that there are a lot of young people interested in taking it on as a career and they are to be admired. These young people will be the future guardians of our countryside.

The elections, both local and parliamentary, are very important and you should use your vote wisely. Our country was left in dire straits after the last Labour Government, which is what happens whenever they have been in power, so please remember that when you are putting that very important cross on your ballot paper.

If they get in again particularly if they are propped up by the SNP they will wreck everything that the Conservatives have achieved. Why waste your vote on UKIP when you can vote for the Conservative Party – there isn’t much between them and UKIP can offer you nothing!

I have seen Heywood change over the years and some of that change hasn’t been for the better. This has been down to our Labour-run Council.

Heywood now seems to be one big Distribution Centre which we were told would bring jobs, but how many I wonder, as computerisation has taken over the manual employee?

Local elections are about local issues.

You need Councillors who are on your side who listen to your views and act on your concerns.

Some people get elected and then forget those who voted for them until it’s time to vote again and then they wonder why they have lost their seat.

A good Councillor keeps in touch with their electorate by regular newsletters and monthly surgeries. We need more Conservatives on Rochdale Council. It is awash with Labour who have too much power.

You can only change that by voting Conservative on Thursday 7 May.

Local Election 2015


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