General Election 2005

Welcome to the Rochdale Online General Election Special 2005.

We are inviting candidates to submit their election 'pitch'; that is, why they believe they should be your MP and why you should vote for them.

Please use the navigation menu on the left to view contact details of each candidate and their 'pitch' if they have submitted one.

PartyNo. of CandidatesNo. of Pitches SubmittedPercentage
UKIP 2 1 50%
Labour 2 0 0%
BNP 2 0 0%
Conservative 2 0 0%
Liberal Democrat 2 0 0%
Veritas 1 1 100%
Liberal 1 0 0%
Green 1 0 0%
Islam Zinda Baad 1 0 0%

How To Vote

In the UK there are three different ways you can vote:

You can find out how to vote on The Electoral Commission web site


Electoral Registration Office:

Elections Team
Governance and Committee Services
Floor 2
Number One Riverside
Smith Street
OL16 1XU

If you have any questions, call 01706 924758 or email

General Election 2005