Local Election 2015

David Barry Winder

David Barry Winder

North Middleton Ward

My name is David Winder and I'm standing for UKIP in the Middleton North ward.

I'm 42 years of age and as I was born in the ward and went to school here I believe that I have a personal vested interest to do the absolute best for where I'm from.

I now work within the oil and gas industry, having travelled extensively around the world but now that I'm back I'm appalled at the way the ruling party in Rochdale have consistently ignored Middleton North in terms of focus and investment in favour of other areas and the way that they have allowed our borough to be engulfed by scandal after scandal

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a very determined, very personable but very focused man and these are the traits that I will use to fight to get a better deal for you.

As a working man I've never been involved in politics before, but I realise that if things are to change then you have to do things differently. That's why on May 7 I'll be asking for your vote so as I can make that change on your behalf.

UKIP the People's Party have started a revolution in British politics and we have a novel approach to dealing with the electorate which we call telling the truth, a notion the political elite appear to struggle with.

If you vote for me as your UKIP councillor I will make you one simple promise.

I will be your voice within the town hall, and I will make them listen to you.

Local Election 2015


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