Local Election 2010

Pat  Sullivan

Pat Sullivan

Conservative Party
Norden Ward

I am delighted and proud to have been asked to stand for the Conservatives in Norden Ward (which also includes Ashworth and Birtle) as I have lived in Birtle for over 30 years and firmly believe Councillors should reside in the Ward they represent.

I am married to Gerry and we have a grown-up son and a married daughter, and have recently become grandparents for the first time, which is a great joy to us both.

My profession is that of a teacher, teaching English to foreign students at Hopwood Hall College (Rochdale Campus). I am also Curriculum Leader and Teaching and Learning Coach in the ESOL Section (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and an examiner for Cambridge University ESOL Speaking and Listening Examinations. I am also National Chairman of my professional body.

I hold both a Degree and a Masters in English as a Second Language. I obtained my MA whilst keeping up with my full time job. As you can imagine, this demanded a lot of hard work on my part and could not have been achieved without the support of my family.

During the early part of my career I worked for NATO in Paris and Brussels.

I am also very involved with the Birtle Trust which supports Birtle Village in maintaining its character and its existence as a farming community. I am protective of our Green Belt which we must preserve so that England remains a “green and pleasant land”.

Like many people with whom I work and others I speak to, I realise politically things must change. Both locally and nationally we are in crisis. I know that if elected I could help effect this change within our local Council and support the continued good work of our two Ward Councillors, Ann Metcalfe and Jim Gartside.

If you elect me, I will:

  • work for the Council Tax rise to be reduced and frozen for the next two years;
  • be a guardian of the Green Belt within the Borough of Rochdale; 
  • work for things which really matter to local people such as repairing potholes, street lighting, a clean, litter-free environment, and an improved gritting service which the Liberal Democrat Council failed to deliver last year; 
  • support the 20mph speed limit outside all schools in the Metropolitan Borough which was proposed by the Council’s Conservative Group but opposed by the Liberal Democrats; 
  • attempt to halt the spiralling decline of Rochdale – we need a thriving town centre we can be proud of – a vote for the Liberal Democrats will only increase this decline; 
  • Together with Councillor Jim Gartside I have also spearheaded a successful campaign to partially reinstate the 445 Bus Service in Norden which is now up and running again and is a vital service to our elderly and disabled people in the residential developments on either side of Woodhouse Lane.

But the most important thing of all if I am elected is that I will listen!

I am looking forward to the local elections and hopefully will be elected to represent the people of Norden and Birtle. One thing that does concern me is the fact that the Liberal Democrat Council have been in control of Rochdale for the past 4 years and the state of the town is gradually getting worse and will continue to do so if we cannot alter the balance of representation. That of course is in the hands of the Rochdale electorate and particularly the residents of Norden Ward.

We all know things have 'gone too far'. Don’t vote for another five years of Gordon Brown who has failed Britain, or another 12 months of our Liberal Democrat Council who have failed Rochdale – VOTE FOR CHANGE, VOTE CONSERVATIVE.

Please entrust me with your Conservative vote on Thursday 6 May.

Councillor Ann Metcalfe says: “I am absolutely delighted that Pat has accepted to stand in this year’s Council elections. I have known her for many years both socially and in a professional capacity in education. If elected she will make an excellent Councillor and will be a great asset to the Conservative Group on Council.”

Councillor Jim Gartside added: “It is good that Pat lives in the Ward and is very keen to do her best for our constituents. She is also looking forward to a change of control on Rochdale Council so the Conservatives can at last get some forward-looking and well-run policies which we know are what the electorate wants.”

Local Election 2010