Local Election 2016

John  Hartley

John Hartley

Labour Party
Littleborough Lakeside Ward

I am a Littleborough man through and through and for the last four years it has been a tremendous privilege to represent the local community where I was born, where I went to school, where I work and where I have lived all my life.

I believe that the first job of a local councillor is to be available to local people to help with any difficulties or problems they may have. Please call me on 07812 238316 if you need help with a problem or email me at

Here are just a handful of some of the problems that I’ve been able to sort out in our area:

  • I have got many pot holes filled in and grot spots cleaned up. 
  • I got the glass sides replaced on the bus shelter on Church Street and I fought to get the push button pedestrian crossing there so people can cross more safely.
  • The worst sections of highway on Cleggswood Avenue, Smithy Bridge and at Timbercliffe have been re surfaced after I fought on behalf of local residents.
  • I got the graffiti removed from Green Vale Bridge and had the bridge repainted.
  • I got the large holes filled in at the garage site at the bottom of Walmsley Avenue, Smithy Bridge. 
  • I have been successful in getting new grit boxes across the ward.
  • I worked hard to get a new concrete floor for the bandstand in Hare Hill Park.
  •  I worked to keep Hare Hill House in the local community and I’ve supported local community groups that use it.

These are just a few examples of the work I’ve done in Littleborough, Summit and Smithy Bridge on behalf of local residents. Along with my fellow ward councillor, Janet Emsley, we hold regular advice surgeries in Littleborough and in Smithy Bridge.

The flooding on Boxing Day was a huge issue for our community and I thank all local residents who mucked-in and worked hard for our village on that terrible day. I worked flat out all day to help local people affected by the floods and made sure we got our fair share of the relief money.

Sadly, it has to be said that the Tory Government has slashed funding for flood defences over the past five years, in spite of the last five winters being some of the wettest on record. A lot of the flooding we witnessed on Boxing Day might not have happened if the Tories had not cut funding to maintain flood defences.

It is important we have a councillor who lives and works in our ward and who knows the ward like the back of his hand like I do. My fight is not against the other parties but for the people of Littleborough, Summit and Smithy Bridge and therefore I ask for your support on 5 May.

May I thank you for kindly taking the time to read my election pitch on Rochdale Online.

John Hartley

Local Election 2016