Local Election 2016

Carl  Faulkner

Carl Faulkner

Spotland & Falinge Ward

Having only councillors elected under a party banner is just not the best way forward for our borough.

There are currently 60 elected councillors who allegedly represent the best interests of our town.

Of these, 48 are members of the Labour Party. Can anyone honestly say the town needs even more councillors on the basis that they pay membership fees to the same private organisation?

As for any increased representation by other private parties - what's the point? If elected, the result will be the same - protection, promotion and allegiance to their chosen party. Anyone attending council meetings would see this happen time and time again.

As an elected independent councillor I would always be free to support any councillors or council officers that I feel are acting in the best interests of my ward and town. I would also be free to oppose any that are not.

What needs to change in council procedure:

  • Unless a valid exemption applies, all council meetings should be audio/visually recorded and published online.
  • All councillors' individual votes to be recorded and published.

Unlike the usual selection of fairweather candidates, I do try and make a difference between elections. I'm happy to be judged by my record.

Can others do the same?

Over the coming weeks I'll be making public some of what I've done and the reaction of what I would term as the councillor establishment party culture.

I live in the ward and have been active in several groups whose aim has been to improve our town.

  • Chaired Spotland and Falinge Area Forum for 3 years
  • Member of the TBA working party
  • Member of Touchstones Challenge which successfully campaigned for fundamental and positive changes to the management of our Arts and Heritage
  • Member of Friends of Denehurst Park
  • Chaired the Spotland and Falinge Development Fund
  • Thwarted the Council and the then councillors' attempt to unlawfully take and use charitable playing fields at Lenny Barn for construction purposes  

Local Election 2016