Local Election 2016

Mohammed  Arshad

Mohammed Arshad

Labour Party
Bamford Ward

I am delighted to be selected as the Labour Candidate for Bamford Ward for the next local election on Thursday 5 May.

I am a father of two children; my children went to Marland Hill Primary School and Matthew Moss High School. I live in the Marland area and I am a self-employed businessman. I started my career as a sales assistant and made my way up into management, and then I became self-employed.

I am a Parent Governor at Mathew Moss High School where my children attend.
If I get elected, I will have local surgeries and listen to your issues and concerns and what you would like to see done in your local area.

I am a good listener and I will listen to what you are saying and take your concerns to the Council. I will stand up for the residents of Bamford, Broadhalgh, Brimrod, Oakenrod, Marland, Oulder Hill & Sudden.

My promises to you as residents of Bamford Ward are:

1. Improve road safety and lighting.
2. Make our ward cleaner and greener by tackling illegal fly-tipping which our current Tory councillors have ignored.
3. Tackle crime by working with the Police and to improve security
4. Help businesses to create jobs and campaign for lower business rates.
5. Help to provide better education for our new generation
6. Support vulnerable people and to improve on health care support
7. Improve on recycling by working with residents but making sure bins are collected regularly and properly
8. Review empty properties and bring them back into use.
9. Improve on NHS care
10. Work to have something done about the eyesore on the former High Birch School site and ensure the current owner at least keeps it presentable by ensuring the Council uses its enforcement powers to the full

Are there any local issues or problems that concern you? Please give me your contact details so I can keep in touch with you about the issues you have raised.

Remember, last year Labour came within 8% of beating the complacent Tories in our ward, so we only need a small swing to win this year. For far too long your Conservative councillors have rested on their laurels while ignoring some of the worst issues in our ward.

It’s time for a change, time for an active Labour councillor who will work for you and not take you for granted.

Kind Regards

Mohammad Arshad

Mobile: 07917 354 305

Local Election 2016