Local Election 2016

Michael  O'Brien

Michael O'Brien

UK Independence Party
Milnrow & Newhey Ward

Firstly, I would like to thank you all who voted for me last year in Milnrow & Newhey, and yes people we did make a huge difference, and it was all down to your support. I was just the figure head. Out of 20 wards we came second in 16 wards and third in 4 wards, sadly I was one that came third. And the only Liberal to get in over the 20 wards was from Milnrow & Newhey.

This is an amazing achievement from the party of “common sense”, the same party that is now 4 years old in the Rochdale Borough. I can only see UKIP go from strength to strength.

I am pleased to stand again as your UKIP candidate for Milnrow & Newhey, I, like most people I felt betrayed by the politicians and local councillors, whom I placed my trust in for many years only to find out that they have signed us up to a “political club” called the EU. I, like you and many others wish to gain back control to where it belongs – to the people of Great Britain.

As a UKIP representative we are encouraged to represent the people who voted for us and not the party to which we belong to. We are not under constraint from the “party whip” like other political parties. This can result in bad decisions on local policies.

Therefore as a UKIP councillor, I do not have to follow Party Policies, only the people’s needs.

The constant broken promises by the Lib/Lab/Con parties within our own communities have had devastating effects over the years and this course is not for changing while still following EU laws and directives. We have in effect been stitched up by the very party’s we voted for.

I do believe, as does UKIP in bring back control to the people and I support whole heartedly the “OUT” campaign in the EU Referendum. I feel this is very important in keeping our liberty for our children’s children.

  • An end to uncontrolled immigration

As the population grows, more strain is placed on our local housing, Health and Social Welfare system and schools. Not to mention the influx of workers to a low job market, this a simple supply and demand of over abundant workers, means wage compressions to all who already find it hard to make end meet.

  • No more funding to the EU

We are now cutting corners in our local services, community services have closed down over the last few years. We are seeing very little of our taxes, and we are seeing more of our taxes handed over to the EU. I would like to see local taxes on local needs and issues. Until we address this we will see more cuts on local services, following EU laws and directives will not help.

  • NHS services that are tendered out through PFI's and will see the 

NHS vanish under the EU trade deal with the USA

  • We gave 12bn to India and China in 2015, both with space programmes 

  • The top recipients of UK aid money were 

Eritrea in east Africa (£318million), 
Pakistan (£294million) and
India (£276million), even though its economy is expected to exceed the UK’s in 2019. But we are told to tighten our belts with these so called “austerity measures”

  • Our laws and restrictions

70% of our laws now originate from the EU. More British laws and policing of our neighbourhoods, with spending cuts we have seen a dramatic reduction on policing, security is a must.

  • Policing at local level, our police are hampered by political correctness as resulted they have become ineffective 

  • Roads system

The never ending potholes that never seem to be maintained. Our roads are now dangerous to travel on, even the motorways have potholes.

  • Spending

On a vanity projects that are not essential or having no real commercial value. Project of spend our tax payers money on things that the people of the borough feel is unnecessary, at a time of austerity and public service cuts. I refer to the opening of the town centre bridge in Rochdale, and the result of opening it allowing water levels to flood businesses in the town centre.

  • More accountability of councillor’s action

The pay rises of councillors when the public faces compressions of their wages. 
Rochdale Council needs stronger scrutiny in its actions that only UKIP can bring.

In Milnrow and Newhey we can have a real chance to make a difference.

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Local Election 2016