Local Election 2016

Ahmed  Orakzai

Ahmed Orakzai

Conservative Party
Milnrow & Newhey Ward

My name is Ahmed Orakzai, I am 21, and in my final year as a university student.

During the General Election, I decided to get involved in politics because all of the issues we suffer from are local problems that have not been addressed by councillors and the council for decades which has left us a marginalised place.

The local economy has been non-existent for decades. Local Labour and Liberal Democrats in the previous years have made more promises than they can keep. This election cycle they have done the same. The false sense of pride and indifference makes me sick.

Labour has been spreading their usual lies about how they care and the Liberal Democrats have been boasting of the same thing with no evidence of a forward moving progressive society that we all want as people.

When you vote for these people you will be voting for people who have no will to govern, who won't change anything, who will simply ride a 4 year gravy train while waiting for re-election.

With devolution on the way, it gives us an opportunity to bring local business, enterprise and jobs back to the borough.

Only your local Conservative Party can deliver the strong leadership Rochdale deserves.

Only your local Conservative Party can make devolution work for Rochdale because we have the courage to defend our borough's freedom.

I have been told by people ‘I have voted for Labour all of my life and still do’ and then ignored.

Now look at Rochdale as a whole, it's getting worse and worse as the day goes by. You may think Labour is your saviour but what have they actually done? Nothing, just look at Rochdale...

If you want an old socialist who claims to be ‘dynamic’ then vote for Labour.

If you want another old socialist who wants to keep the status quo that is hurting us all then vote for the Liberal Democrats.

If you want a young, enterprising councillor who has a strong resolve in making the necessary reforms to make Milnrow and Newhey and the rest of the borough a forward moving place with a bright future then vote for your local Conservative Party candidate Ahmed Orakzai.

Local Election 2016