Local Election 2016

Donna  Williams

Donna Williams

Labour Party
North Middleton Ward

I am proud to say I have lived and worked in Middleton all my life, you are my neighbours.

Issues which effect you also affect me.

I was born on Langley and now Boarshaw is my home.

My working life has centred on young people as a youth worker in Middleton and as a support worker in the NHS. I’m also a foster carer providing a safe place for the most vulnerable.

It is clear for all to see what damage the £200million cuts to our local authority budget has done to our town.

I am proud to see that our local Labour Party manifesto puts the needs of our young people as a priority with more computers in our Libraries, new opportunities for apprenticeships and the introduction new grants to attract the best maths teachers to the Borough.

As a carer I want to see the older members of our community enjoying our town to the fullest and receiving the best care and dignity in later life.

I am also passionate about protecting our green open spaces, to make them safe for young and old to enjoy, the Dingle, Boarshaw Clough even Jubilee Park were our playgrounds when we were kids.

I will work hard to ensure that North Middleton is cleaner and greener.

Your issues are important to me and because I am local I am able to respond promptly and

I’ll know the street where you live.

I want to use all my skills and knowledge to make sure we get the best deal for Middleton and the proud people of Middleton North Ward are represented at every level on our Council.

Vote Local and Vote Donna Williams your Local Labour Candidate.

Local Election 2016