Local Election 2016

Dave  Winder

Dave Winder

UK Independence Party
North Middleton Ward

My name is David Winder and I would like your vote in North Middleton

I'm standing for election as I'm appalled at the way that Middleton has been seen as an afterthought time and time again and enough is enough.

Rochdale Council is failing, it's official.

Earlier this year we topped the Joseph Rowntree Foundation League Table for failing cities which no-one should be proud of. This decline has been overseen by the ruling Labour Party, who continue to blame everyone and anyone but themselves for this, however, the way I see it is like this:

"If you're in charge then it's your fault". It goes with the territory.

It's Labour who've overseen the fall in this Borough's fortunes and I feel that it's about time that these people who've overseen this were given the heave ho and their marching orders. They've had it too easy for too long and they’ve taken us all for granted because they can, having no viable opposition

Well not anymore.

Have you seen the state of the roads?

Are you happy with 3 weekly bin collections?

Do you agree with an above 2% increase in your Council Tax without having a local referendum as laid down in law?

I know I don't.

The Labour Party no longer represent the working man of this borough. They still trot out the same old tired party lines which may have worked in the past, but look around you. Labour have done this, no-one else. Don't let them off the hook and let them blame someone else. They did it. Hold them accountable.

This whole Borough needs a shakeup.

We need power back in the hands of the public, NOT in the hands of self-serving Politicians and we need to return democracy back where it belongs, where decisions in this town are not made solely along Party lines. It shouldn't be what a Political Party wants, it should be what the people want.

Which is why I've proposed that if my colleagues or I are elected in Heywood and Middleton that we will push for a local Referendum on whether the Parliamentary constituency of Middleton and Heywood wishes to part with failing Rochdale Council control.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to voice your dissatisfaction at the way things are done, and to send a message loud and clear that you're not happy with it. A chance for you to finally have your say on whether you wish to continue being associated with a council which thinks spending £millions on two holes in Rochdale Town Centre, whilst implementing cuts to front line services is a good and fair use of public funds.

Rochdale Council may be failing but there's no reason for us all to be dragged down with it.

In May's election there is only one name that your X needs to go against and that's mine, as a vote for UKIP is a vote for change.

Thank You

David Winder
UKIP Vice Chairman RH&M

Local Election 2016