Local Election 2010

Andrew   Neilson

Andrew Neilson

Conservative Party
Healey Ward

As well as a vote in the general election, Healey residents, this year, have two votes for Rochdale Council. Why? Because one of the elected councillors has resigned preferring to do other things and betraying those who placed their trust in him. As a result the Lib Dems have been forced to put forward a sick man from Milnrow.

Voters do not have to vote for two candidates who are both from the same party, and many Lib Dem supporters have told me thay are going to split their vote - one vote for the local Lib Dem candidate and one vote for me.

I first stood for Healey in 1992, on that occasion finishing 2,000 votes behind the winning candidate. However, I have, over the years, campaigned hard, and proven my commitment to Healey, and at the last council election I finished second, less than 300 votes behind the winner.

My plea to supporters of other parties is to “lend” me one of your two votes, that way, you are not being disloyal to your party, and you will help to elect a local candidate with a strong record of service to our community.

Local Election 2010