Local Election 2016

Mick Coats

Green Party
Spotland & Falinge Ward

I am a relevantly new resident to Spotland, having only lived here for 24 years.

My politics could be described as being similar to old Labour, socialism, crossed with a concern for the environment. This, for me, is the core of Green Party politics. If we do not look after the environment, all else becomes irrelevant. I want a sustainable environment and a decent life for my children and grandchildren.

Politics should offer real choice and not be concerned with self-interest. Nationally our politicians represent us and should set a good example.
Locally, councillors should represent the voters honestly and openly.
People know my views and are free to agree or disagree with them, this is the essence of local politics.

In Spotland I have campaigned for over 10 years to turn the derelict, highly contaminated Turner Brothers Site into an asset for local people. The best, and only safe option is to make the area a country park. That is the commitment I have constantly pursued, without success as yet.

The Green Party is working practically to improve the environment locally. We agreed an initiative with the local council to develop waste land in the borough for allotments and recreationally use. There are ways we can improve our town and we should listen to people with ideas. (New expensive council buildings and a market consisting of garden sheds NOT being two of them!)

The Green Party also supports equality and people struggling against redundancy, low pay, zero hours contracts and poor employment rights. Even the council, our council, pay rates that range from over £1,000 per week to less than a fraction of that.

We are about the future, re-establishing grants for further education and university, affordable housing, properly paid jobs. We are a rich country that can always find money for failing banks or foreign wars. Austerity has been little more than a con trick to redirect wealth from us to the rich.

Things can change. Have a look at Green Party policies and ask yourself if you agree with them, start that process for change by voting for the Green Party on 5 May.

Local Election 2016